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Afiqah Apr 16
and here I am,
these heartbeats of almost
inside the corners
of my introverted heart
after all I am left
to hold all of these love to you now
stays rewriting itself
in my du'aas

Afiqah Mar 2018
it’s all intricately chaotic
in its literal ways
some days
they are like this or like that
we get soaked to the bone with needless doubts
questioning even the littlest truth
yet eventually,
every day ends, somehow
and we’re just mere breaths
still learning to exist flowingly and
beat about with the stars

Afiqah Feb 2018
in life’s affairs,
we get two things out of them
first, we meet certain experiences that teaches
and develops us more
into a you as a human being  
second, you are still you
and that we can never come to correct things
as much and it’s okay

take this whole wilderness matter into
something terrific

we’re all addressing our flaws, our bitter parts
and that itself is already the bravest thing
one could wear and be proud of

Afiqah Feb 2018
every decision we make
is like ******
we leave our souls wired in
along with yesterday’s undoing,
walking hesitantly on eggshells
over a bag of new bones
to our next possible selves
that we might doubtfully never be

Afiqah Feb 2018
I am meeting you, here
still clothed with the same flaws
the same blue
now with answers
not questions anymore
and hence, in poetry,
you’ll stay shelved
in between my favorite books
for that’s where it all began  
that somehow left us feeling worthily enough

Afiqah Jan 2018
January ends,
and as I catch sight
of the people wandering down
past these streets at night
with keen, eager eyes
pinning their souls closely in
across the silhouetted sky
to witness the blue moon
take on its wildest waltz tonight,
I secretly wonder if you’re looking up at it, too

Afiqah Jan 2018
I’ve weathered it all down
shifting it to every corner of the seeking
even when none of them
never did come off quite pretty,
I still let my skin wear this fragility as much
synchronically sheltering all my sanity in
with mad, absolute hopes
that I am just enough

Afiqah Nov 2017
we were told to paint
our walls white with lies
so in every day,
we crash among
these wicked, twisted oddities and
get drunk in tender places
we ought to simply only
keep them in soft, quiet stares

Afiqah Nov 2017
you romanticized
the hell out of my flawed skin
in between
cigarette-stained kisses
then gently made me wear love
with forevers alongside your name
many nights after

Afiqah Nov 2017
the heart
knows its always next in line
and it never lies
when they say about you,
******* things up more often  
if they can still fist up and beat for you,
count your ******* self lucky
to still have that gut going just enough
for life’s many affairs

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