Afiqah 1d

there is some sort of vulgarity
to what sits in
with my fears and anxieties
an unwelcoming addition to my body
and I swear I could feel them the most
whenever I try to reconnect
what is and what isn't
yet I still see my demons all dressed
in a gloriously titled guise
I can't quite tell apart


Afiqah Sep 20

not only do we seemed
to be too silenced by such futile acts
at times,
it’s just that same, familiar dread
running across our weary veins
over and over
that it only took us so much to come about
so, we just poorly kept lowering our souls
back in to hellhole first
for it has always
been like a second home to us all
whenever his self became
the other


Afiqah Jun 30

the only enemy
that’s worth battling
and firing up those fists for
the rest of it that comes along
are just simply
little miniatures
that only knows how to count
the breathing stars
but forget
the fallen, deadly ones still glow


Afiqah Jun 28

time is slowly
making its silent kill
and I still spend
wasting too many nights
playing a couple of roulette
on tomorrow's becoming

will the sun adore
and steal these delicate tears away
or will the moon carry
and rebirth the fraction of our souls
to the stars
we settled with


Afiqah Jun 27

I got to breathe
maybe just not the same
like when the stars
take its little peep past daylight
bringing soft little cheers
to raise the love in our souls
to synchrony
and I think that’s why
there is no scar in happiness
to show
how our hearts ache
for deep storms and thunders
to come through and
keeps us loving the risk
of being found in each other


Afiqah Jun 19

it was always hidden
in the welcoming smell of rain
no matter
how soft and quiet
or how heavy and stormy
they came
in all sorts of drizzle
either way,
nothing else could beat
to the wild, lingering, raw sound of it
to feel you through
my flawed skin
over again


— The End —