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ren Nov 2018
what she writes is lacking,
lacking emotion and fancy words,
she just wants to express herself
but in the end,
she only feels worse.
she puts up what she thinks is best,
what might catch people’s attention-
only to regret her decision
and delete the words that had felt her pain.
so disappointed and unamused
by her own writing,
she gives up on herself and her dreams,
her dreams she once believed she could achieve.
My visuals are out to get me,
Drive in front and claim the safety.
Pull a map and divise a route,
To keep me from my- too loud. too loud.
You take the wheel,
I'll fake a path.
The road divides us
From future and past.
I wanna drive back,
until then i will roam.
the seats of tanned memories,
remind me of home-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018

I trust yet I'm suspicious
I love yet I'm hateful
I laugh loud but I cry
I observe, I'm not blind
I try so hard by confidence
Try harder, esteem breaks
I stand strong with laughter
Locked deep, my ferno rage
I clam up
Guards up
Shields up
Inside, the shards of my bones
Laughter to me is a sword
with two faces
I see the argent lighthearted face,
but my eye is locked on its
shadowed edge
Malicious, cruel, sharp and swift
Sheathed ever so deep into my heart
I can hear the echoes more than feeling the pain
I pick so blindly at an open wound
My mind is a riot, a murked brew
of emotions
Time will heal the wounds,
but it's a scar I'll always remember
Anger screams
Sadness cries
Frustation seethes
A joke, am I?
The sun is dead
Blocked out by echoes
So disoriented
Heart pulses
I cannot think...

Trying to calm a turbulent sea that currently is my mind...
Lyn x
Oskar Erikson Sep 2018
these words that never found a mark.
said louder,

(i just want to connect)

and then louder.

which fall on non-interested ears.
Cherisse May Sep 2018
Mirror, mirror,
On the wall,
Why am I
the ugliest of them all?

Is it my teeth?
Is it my eyes?
Is it because I ****
at almost everything I try?

Is it because
I'm not as beautiful
as the other girls
when I cry?

Mirror, mirror,
On the wall,
I wish I could feel nothing
And end it all.
Why are other girls still beautiful when they cry?
Not only do I ugly cry, but I'm just outright ugly.
Horrible to look at; absolutely horrid to the eyes.

No wonder my friends were making fun of me.
harley r noire Jun 2018
feel, feel,

thrice screamed
yet the words
still lost their

letters scattered
along with
the ebbing

candour and purity
vanished with
no trace,

and that was
when the
lights go
when you feel your pieces are not that sincere anymore, when you are slowly and unconsciously writing to impress, not to express. that is when a poet is ailing.
Besotted winged pollinators
roistering barrage drowned
amidst general insectivorous cacophony
indistinct auditory signals communicated

intermingled with bounteous wafting fragrance
midwifed edenic floral pullulation
sensate admixture viz colored spectrum
amidst unrehearsed extemporaneous

orchestral suite bedded lambs
amorous ewe man like bleating songs
nature all aflutter actively socially vociferating
profuse living color rainbow pastiche

teeming soundgarden smorgasbord
cornucopia ignites mordent Utopian aural swath
visual vistas stilling spellbinding
spilling riotous carpeted web

uniting doubting Thomas's existentialism
despite unanswered queries
asper diverse modalities each specie evolved
to survive despite countervailing destructive forces

generating plethora pandemonium ironically
promulgating harmonic exemplary convergence
Highland Manor concourse aflame with new life
parented by instinctive imprimatur anonymous patents

now genetic mapping usurped with untold outcome
analysis bred crispr discovery Earthlings fiddling
glorifies honied indemnity Judeo-Christian kudos
leaves of grass kudzo resistance mutation immunizes

biosphere once prolific differentiation shrinks
becoming monocultural setting virtual stage
catastrophe plus food shortage would become
global debacle predicated, sans virulent

viral and/or bacterial strain renting asunder
tripwire unspooling delicate webbed whirl
already widely compromised more so
since Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring

**** sapiens population explosion
pits profligate predilections planet Earth in extremis
dire crisis cavalierly dismissed humans
in hot pursuit racking up superfluous wealth

***** deeds done dirt cheap - tricking
mother nature, who will unwittingly
spring scrumptious feeding off scrimmage
forcing capitulation or total extinction

meanwhile fostering long tall floral inflorescence
a composite having sessile flowers
apiary abuzz, cuz queen bee
can no longer wax bereft of royal jelly.
Lakin May 2018
i don't sleep well anymore
i am lying to my friends
because there’s nothing
better to do
i make music with my teeth-
my therapist listens with
enthusiasm- she must have
pre-ordered from itunes
the mirror told me a joke
and i was the punch line
i don’t laugh at ****** knuckles,
only stitches and their optimism
did you know an octopus
has 3 hearts and its probably
Because we lovely few keep
throwing cardiac glances
to cerulean eyes
i make mistakes
im going to get a phD
in loving myself outrageously
so i can stop writing ****** poetry
Instead i’ll count sheep and the
hours im never getting back
i don’t sleep well anymore
Debbie Brindley May 2018
9.30 pm
Nice warm shower
then into bed
On my pillow
I rest my head
Close my eyes
hope to sleep
distract my brain
count some sheep
Toss and turn
a hot sweat or two
lay here awake
think of you
Then my dreams
take me away
hope tonight this is where I stay
But now we're up at half 1
felt like sleep had just begun
Your all sorted  
hope you dream
straight to sleep
it does seem
If I sleep instantly
it's a treat
a whole nights sleep
you just can't beat
Next thing I know we're up again
it's half 5 in the morning
Drag my **** out of bed
Can't help myself from yawning
Your sorted
Back in bed
Once again I rest my head
Alarms are ringing
in my ear
Up again with not much cheer
Fruit and meds
I give to you
Then shower you
clean and fresh
I'm half asleep and look a mess
But back to bed
you want to go
It's just us today
so our day can be slow
Our support worker
has cancelled today you see
so I get to climb back into bed
for a more sleep
Missing normal nights sleep
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