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Givemeone May 5
Totally isolated at the bloom summer
Absent touch of a lover
Foreshadowed by beauty in blossom.
The ugly needs a place to go;
I guess I will stay here then.
Givemeone Apr 6
It is sad.
The space between words.
Why does you have to be apart from me?
Givemeone Apr 6
Summer's heat smother me.
Winter's wet chill goes throughout me.
I can move
It is too much to be unpleasant.
Givemeone Apr 5
The moon out shine your brightness little star
Honey seeps from you to it
And when the moon goes to sleep,
The sun rises. and you my little star disappear.

I will return to you another night
My luster may not be so bright
But I am here,
                      so stay with me?
Givemeone Mar 21
distilled delirium
Photochemical Phantasmal phobia
Sick saturated
Mind melded with melancholia
Givemeone Mar 19
King Perseus, not merciful but thirstiest
Tears weep in his deep Wells
Waters bounty, in the king's heart it swells
emptiest, his heart is pitiless
Givemeone Mar 18
Placating that rage
Spirting the way of sage

Object permanence makes the mental sour
Idealists, the opposite dour

Listening to musical notes as they are sang
Battlefields of yin and yang

Yang's lost its credibility
That seas lost its crossability

The middle Way's the middle point
The yin is to anoint.
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