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Tenant Jul 2021
My walk home covered in sweat
Thighs chafing

I pulled this four rowed pedal flower
roots and all.

Passing one decayed raccoon swarmed by flies
On my sprained ankle

I come bearing a gift which will wilt in the moment of hours

For you

My beloved.
Tenant Jul 2021
Stone and brick
Iridescent is the curvature plastic cup
With a last sip of water
Follow by a well tempered clavier
         Followed by an inhale of
        Only a few sprigs protrude from
The concrete beneath my feet
Tenant Jul 2021
The warm sweat which cascades down our palms clasped, like the glacier waters passing through evergreens.
"Do not worry"
You say to me
As if
The contrast is not too much to handle
As if the sublimity does not cause
Tenant Jul 2021
Setting: single person standing shower

Production notes: male actor, sitting lotus under the shower faucet

        Title: purgatory or paradise
A divine comedy of the mosaic variety
The rain (tiled blue and gold) -the trails of


- (note hedonism “maybe the notion of frog metamorphosizing”)
To be green and croaking

Scene change

A corpse is rising
Unloved drinking red (an Italian restaurant)


   -(note the mirror)
Tenant May 2021
Autumn leaves fall
Seven meters per second
This is how we pray
Why pray that they stay
Suspended in air
The ground miles beyond perception.

And this is how we sin
Already three feet in
Stagnant pool water
In a motel lot.
Tenant May 2021
Five days fasted
A starvation artist in the making
No sugar, or coke, or baking
Ima starvation artist in the making!
On the sixth day you are breaking

One twelve once mocha latte
Three sips in and you spill it on the floor
What's it all for.
Tenant May 2021
There once was a gaggle of geese
Huddled around a tree
Were the fruit was just out of reach
How could that be?
That nature would put them in such close proximity
Yet the geese still could not reach  

I once had a mother named Jamie
Who told me nature would provide-
To always be good and kind,
Nature would provide.
She is gone now, and so are the geese.
So I know that cannot be
Nature will always keep her fruit just out of reach.
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