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Anastasia May 2019
im tired
from a lack of sleep
im tired
from a lack of love
im tired
from missing you
im tired
from not eating
im tired
from being so tired
im just so ******* tired
winter Dec 2018
I'd love to be able to lay my heart out
I want to open my chest and flay all my doubt
Ill reach into myself and hope to see reality
But how am I supposed to help if I blind myself?
what if I go searching and only find trouble?
What if my eloquence it reduced to babble?
Reason takes effort and I'm exhausted
i isolate myself from all other living things
is it to protect myself or everyone else
Lady Grey Sep 2017
Rubbing my bleary eyes
Staring at my computer screen
Scrolling down
Scrolling back up (i couldnt remember what id just read)
Type a few words
So much to do
Back to reading
Scrolling down
Scroling back up (i couldnt remember what id just read)
So little time
Type a few words
Scrubbing my we epy eyes
So tired
Cant finish
Glaring at my computor screen
Scrlling down
Scrolling down
Scrolling back up (cant remeber what id just read)
Have to finishe
Type a few sentances
So close
Back t oreading
Scroling down
Typeing  a more sentancess
So tired
Kneading my sleapy eys
Tpe the slat sentanc

Barrow Sep 2015
I don't think I've ever despised myself more than I ever have in this very moment.

I let myself crave you,
I let myself fall for you,
I broke for you.

I yearned for you like a small child staring into a candy store-
To look at not to touch-

But, oh, did I touch and did every touch feel like a sudden and overwhelming flame.
A desire so bright that it could light the darkest of hearts.

Too bad it burned your own heart in the process.
I'm sorry, friends, this poem is awful.
Lena Waters Jun 2015
They were
                 quite young
climbing the mountain of emotion. Tired.

But before that

They were
                 always hardworking
climbing the mountain of success. Tired.

But before that

They were
                 still excited
climbing the mountain of discovery. Tired.

But before that

They were
                 keys tapping
climbing the mountain to poetry. Tired.
Another mountain-related piece, this time more of a vent for my insomnia. To quote Owl City "I`m far too tired to fall asleep..."
lost in my mind Mar 2015
I've had grit in my eyes
for so long.
I've had sleep stuck in my
eyelashes for so long,
refusing to sink and rest.
This is the kind of grit that I cannot wipe away
not the kind of tired I can sleep away.
I've so tired for so long.
When will it go away?
It will go away, right?

— The End —