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Momoir Jan 2019
Laying on the grass beginning yet another stressful day
Thinking, thinking, things – working my under-developed brain
Worrying, letting the insecurities of life and society eat away at my soul
Then I felt the hand of God warm my skin with the sun
And I got a chance to experience the music of the master
The calm, quiet almost still waters gently washed upon the shore
And in the distance in all directions I could hear the echoes of people content
A laugh, hear a child’s happiness ever reverent while the sun enlightened me
And soothed the coldness I had felt for so long
People to the right of me were celebrating an anniversary
And they began to sing, a large family in harmony
To the beat of the quiet shore, to the rhythm of the seagulls above
children in the distance were everywhere but the tiniest baby in arms was contented
and for a few brief minutes nothing meant anything.
Everything was light and warm
Some pages of the book on the blanket on the grass begin to flap in the mild breeze and I drifted
Drifted away from the uncaring hopeless society I’ve been a part of forever
And upon waking I realized how unimportant the pressure of it all really was and is
The clouds carried me to a place in my spirit
Where I began to understand how irrelevant it all really is
and showed me my character in strength and lightness
they gave me wisdom to be able to not care so much about it all
they made me clear on what’s important like the love, the music, the children, the laughter and the light and warmth that surrendered me…. That Day.
Written by my mother, 1989
Haylin Dec 2018
Historic day for the world today
As Trump and Kim sign away

Nobel Peace prize guaranteed for Trump
As North Korea will rise out of their sanctions slump

Nuclear disarmament surely on its way
But to me it just feels like I'm watching a screenplay

Dennis Rodman a friend of both
A great sportsman but a bit of an oath

But what if it was all a total farce
Trump phoned Kim said test those nukes and make things worse

I'll then scream and shout and call you names
Don't worry if internet is full of our memes

The world will sanction you it'll look really bad
It'll be ok mate soon we'll both be glad

We'll both back down and agree to meet
I'll sort it out and send you a tweet

Then in Singapore we'll sit down together
And people will talk about us more then the weather

Without the charade it would have never been allowed
We'll do it in front of a nice big crowd

North Korea will surely come out of poverty
And the world will avoid our prefabricated atrocity

Is the world now a safer place
I'm still not convinced for the human race
Kim Essary Nov 2018
As her words grab my heart with each and every message or poem I read,
It truly saddens me to be so far in distance, I can't offer her what she may need.
Never have I layed my eyes upon her, I can only Invision her beauty by her poems and words of wisdom.
Her soul sweet as the blooming flowers and heart as pure as gold.
It's as if her soul is that no less than angelic as she has touched many on this site and more.
What saddens me is soon she will no longer be with us as her illness is growing worse day by day,
My Dearest Kim Johanna Baker, there will be a sadness and void on this site and in my heart the day the Lord takes you away.
I hope that she may see this before it's her time to go, for when the other angels come for her I want for her to know.
The impact her sweet soul has left for all of us here on HP, some more than others , some of you like me.
So if you would or care to join me in my dedication to a very loving soul that makes this site so pleasurable, feel free to leave a comment below.
We love you our dear friend , our dear friend Kim!
Please feel free to repost this for the ones I don't know
Never met this wonderful lady but she has touched me and my life so dearly. Kim Johanna Baker
Nat Lipstadt Aug 2018
The Instigation:
Edmund  Black, commenting on “weary weighted,”

I agree with Kim; This is poetry at its best :)“


both of you shush!

there is no “better” in poetry

mine yours theirs, alive or not,

just gasps tears and blood
whimsical smiles and isles
cuts and burns of pained revelations,
hidden in fog,
that words try to delete away,
through the shrouded mists of
human tissues,
unconstrained by the
bounded shape
of the human cell,
our first, our own
self-imposed jail

tissue, too,
baby soft, or,
purple beating majestic bruised blotches
by those weaklings whose
kindness never
fully developed;  
or old man mine whose
skin cells erodes, so poems and light
weary weighted, lightly flake off
for your “betterment”
mostly tho for worse

good humans all await,
in patientce lightly hidden,
residents of dark sunspots
in the glaring existence exposer
of the unlit lighthouse whose time will come

they get it

how we get there unimportant

get there


get there
that is the poetic
mission critical

no path best or style preferred-
no compare just, but,
any path that
lifts and elevates,
to the commonplace

the common place

where all costarred, universal,
where common is the temple mount
of highest praise, holy smoke rising,

a place that
that discloses and closes,
is scribed/described honestly as
a connective,
which is the simplest

call my poems,
blessedly common!

that an honorable,
so gladly accepted
so much more meaning-full
than merely best or better

for that,
I’d gladly weep,
for no praise
ever been

8/2/18 406pm
on the jitney to my isle
the instigation: Edmund black › “weary weighted, I agree with Kim .... This is poetry at its best :)“
if Trump and Kim can reach an amicable agreement
it will go down in history as quite an achievement
may they temper the past language of dispute
to accomplish a calming that's so resolute

the Korean Peninsula needs men of level head
who'll bring to the region not a threatening dread
these talks they'll be taking part in
are the path toward a positive win

Singapore shall host this most sensitive event
which will determine the issues of crucial extent  
with both men being unpredictable in persona
the world anticipates a concordance of corona
(a salvation for my then junior high school youngest daughter afflicted with cognitive dissonance, who over the intervening years (mor'n half dozen Earth orbitz  ago), I dashed off this poem witnessed nothing short of miraculous transformation evinced and witnessed by profound learning displaying significant aptitude cognition).

twas spawned fondness
   for above named young lady,
   when she got assigned
   to thine offspring

a glint of genuine virtue grew
   into shimmering orb
   of brilliant radiance
   if accorded sound - would ring

the tune of countless angels,
   which imagined beatific,
   Democratic, fantastic...sounds
   generated via many wing

heavenly music filling  
   cosmos with joy as august aural,
   choral, epochal...tones
   would zippily zing

from across universe
spurring one me silly mortal
   to contrive this verse
attempting to capture her
   aura, charisma, enigma...purse

sue wing dynamic link
   with progeny did nurse
emotional and spiritual value
   dedication she did immerse

latent social services skill
   plus natural radiance
   a blessed hire
at Central in Norristown, Pennsylvania,
   whose visits i miss lyre
plucking voice

   stilled concern for precious Shana Punim,
   who aspires to challenge and grow
   this father may spill tears
his lessoned fatherhood role
   n'er did aye tire

and glad fate that though our paths
   will probably not criss cross
curiosity will gnaw within noggin,
   and possibly rub raw minor loss

viz, the persevering
   maiden USA touch of Kim
   lichened to moss
in her rooted cultivation of care
   toward biological lass a lucky toss

of the genetic combination
   from Matthew
   and Abby Harris our jewel
shimmering facets of luminescence
   reminding me human

   gem stone a kool
aid - priceless staff member
   of human league,
   whose golden presence doth gently rule
without doubt a beloved
   unbridled priceless counterpart
   some lucky guy
   pledging his troth yes – she yule

see stars in her eyes
no doubt disappointment
   felt by other guys
envious of he,
   who snagged Kimberly Hartzell
   so worthy and wise!
moon Apr 2018
puppy eyes.
a smile that cured my sadness.
a presence that made me feel okay.

i laid in bed almost every night,
fighting with the night sky named you.
i tried to comfort myself with the thought that things and myself would never be the same again.

for when it rained on saturday,
i couldn't say i enjoyed it.
everything reminds me of you which is okay,
but it keeps hitting me that you're

not here.
i can't even write anymore ****

instagram // @introawake
james m nordlund Mar 2018
Aduring profane, Love,

Lite unto Thee,

Whose brightness details

Fathomless Heart,

Brilliance, dispelling

Bricks of illusion,

Walls of delusion,

A mind's cell,

Awakening One,

Adhering sacred, mundane,

Neither here nor there,

Am I?

Instant twig of poetree, inspired by Kim Johanna Baker's poem on Diwali   :)
the ones of courage
stood up to bravely defend
they saw that injustice
was in need of amend

others looked away
not seeing an infraction
yet the valiant warriors
forwarded into action

they dared to do
what was right
and didn't shun
the just fight

showing conviction
was JAX and Kim
who stood up to advocate
for the apt Jim
A poem inspired by the courage of Kim Johanna Baker and JAX SPADES. Their advocacy for others is without peer.
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