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Kim Essary Oct 31
The hurt and sadness coming from your voice is ripping at my heart like a jagged knife ripping through flesh
You are mine to protect and nurture and that box made of steel that you are caged in remains my every nightmare as I sleep and my weakness in my thoughts while I’m awake
A young man with eyes that glisten and a beautiful face of an angel, the heart that’s pure and giving
Yet you made some wrong choices but not deserving to be slammed behind bars in a cold cell and treated like a beast of rage
My expression of fury at my fingertips for if I was evil as they, surely I would cast every sinful spell across their beings and make them feel your pain
**** those that pass yet judgement yet hold no crown of thorns upon their head
For He that cast the first stone let him stand in judgement free of sin
For the Laws of this wicked world all turned to the evils of bribery and political gain as there is no longer a man that sits to hold true to the laws that are written for of the greater the judge feels as though he himself can unwrite and interfere with the laws of our God and pick which laws and sentence for the same crime yet treat them different
Stand with your armor as it isn’t seen my son for is the coming of our dear Lord and savior to be the punishers And the  Judge of the wickedness that per-trays to call themself some part of Law and Order as Our God is so much Greater as they will soon see.
There is no rightful judicial system left remaining in this world
Kim Essary Oct 18
If Love were a battle which side would you choose
For one Side will claim victory  and the other side shall lose
As one side puts trust in armor to protect and shield their heart
As the opposite side wears nothing but trust and faith  as the battle is to start
Arrows begin to sore bouncing from the hearts wearing armor made of steel
Others left wounded and scarred of the ones they don’t ****
Love Will never be felt by the ones left without injury  and walked away
But the ones that had trust and faith   That let down their guard will find true love one day
If you never let down your guard for fear of being hurt you may never feel true love
Kim Essary Oct 9
As this day rains tears amongst his family and friends
This very same day your precious daddy’s eternal life begins
To know him was to love him he’s left so many memories of a great man behind
A man of God , A great father and grandfather, a loving husband , and to all he knew , so generous and kind
Life holds no promise as to when the Good Lord says it’s our time to go
Cherish every second you are given  for you never know
“Don’t cry tears of sadness for me as you lay me to rest, be at peace and rejoice for me for as I walked through the gates of heaven down the streets made of Gold my pain was gone no worries in my head as The Lord placed beautiful wings on my shoulders and a halo above my head. Now I can still watch over each of you until  we meet again one day
You may not can see me but  I’m never far away. “
As you gather around my grave don’t say your last goodbye, say i will see you later before you turn to walk away,
Let my passing be instead a reminder of how precious life is because we never no if today will be your last day.
Dedicated to my dear sweet friend Beckey   As she lays her daddy to rest
Kim Essary Sep 30
God must have had a plan when He allowed our paths to cross
I never imagined another feeling my pain and having so much loss
Through so much in such little time we’ve been knocked down and got back up again
We’ve stood against the system and for what we believe in
I honestly thought we had won the war when they set your son free
Now I sit here in disbelief for your son has turned against you and the system has taken mine from me
I’ve watched you endure way to much pain
All we both wanted was to show our sons there is sunshine between the rain
I’m not real sure where we went wrong
Talked to and treated like were nobody and made to feel like we didn’t belong
Sadness pours upon my heart like a wounded soldier lost his war
Now a glimpse of reality spins Around in my head  leaving the thought of I should have done more
I’m so sorry for the hurt in your heart I wish I could make it go away
I feel you pain and know how bad it hurts you Every single day
I will never understand how loving your child and wanting them to live right
Was reason enough to be treated this way, how they didn’t even care where we laid our head at night
I’ve watched you live out of a shop that wasn’t fit to live
When a few miles away your only son has a home but not a care did he give
Being treated like the enemy when all we wanted for them was the best
We’ve exhausted all of our efforts now it’s time For us  to rest
I hope and Pray we live to see the day when our boys realize we only meant them well
But until that day comes all we can do is pray and only time will tell.
To my ride or die Colleen
Kim Essary Aug 24
‘‘Tis not the thought of death I’m frightened
Yet how death captures life like a thief in the night I’m more afraid
Sadly as age and years of hard life have crept up on me
Time no longer my friend
For born into this world we have yet only two certainty’s
As one which is life given where the other is death to follow
Where we have life we have also death
Kim Essary Aug 9
This Nation in which we live founded United as One
Built from the bricks of the hero’s stood proudly on display
Monuments and statues to represent where our freedom had begun
This Country has shed blood of soldiers sent to war
Whispers of disgust now wondering what it was all for
Was it to watch as a bunch of thugs burn our buildings and tear our history down
To vandalize the cemeteries of our heroes laid to rest beneath the ground
The screams of chanting black life matters in our street
Don’t they know all LIFES matter even you and me
This discrimination and hatred we are allowing is beyond belief
The things our ancestors did isn’t for us to be blamed
We of all races colors and religion have battled somewhere at some time in this life we live that will never excuse our history and the land our fore fathers founded to be torn to pieces and changed because it isn’t liked.
Strange how the people have lived every day since then just like me
Yet today they have forgotten they remain to live in the land of the free
God be with your people in this time of need
Kim Essary Aug 9
Days fall upon a broken soul bringing darkness before the night
Consuming ones mind leaving no filter to distinguish wrong from right.
Voices from a place unknown with breath of stagnate smoke whispering in their ear
Placing upon their victim evil thoughts of fear
Appearing from behind the shell of their remains
For when unveiling their face hollow eyes is what you see with a trail of tear drop stains
Hiding in every corner and trusting no one
Forgetting  how to live  staying on the run
The pain and sadness overtook everything you once were and anything you ever wanted to be , you allowed the drug to poison you now may you
Rest In Peace
My friends addiction too toxic for him to handle now consumed his life
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