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Kim Essary Apr 13
My heart hurts today for all that’s involved
Our community won’t stop until the cruel crimes you have committed are rightfully solved.
Our furbabies may not can tell all that they know or what you may have put them through
But rest assured for all the evil you have showed your plea of not guilty makes you look like a fool.
We all saw the terrible sick things you inflicted on a living breathing beautiful cat
So claim what you will but at the end of the day a fact is a fact.
You need so much Prayer and to put God in your heart
Givin your current situation now would be a good time to start
I Pray that that ban you from all animals and take your license away
This community of Ozark will never accept you for anything so why don’t you just pack up and go away
For our furbabies we are their voice and in case you couldn’t tell
They are wagging their tales and thanking their humans for never allowing you to again put them through hell.
We are their humans they are our family and deserve to be treated with Love
May God forgive you for all you have put them through and may He show you mercy when He hands down your punishment from the heavens above
Close his doors shut him down
Kim Essary Apr 12
Dear Humans, I’m sorry to take up your time there’s just a few things I would like to say
But as you all know I can’t speak for myself so my human will speak for me today
Have humans forgotten so many things we as furbabies do
For as long as we live our loyalty belongs to  you
We are your ears while you lay sleeping at night
We are your eyes if you lose your sight
We protect you from all harm
We rustle you’re livestock for you on the farm
We find your loved ones that  have been missing for days
We show you we love you in so many ways
All that we want is to be loved in return
So many things you can teach us cause we love to learn
If you look in our eyes then you will see
We aren’t much different than humans we each have our own personality
Please dont abuse or neglect us just because you can
Always remember there is a purpose a dog is best friend of man.
There is no excuse for animal abuse
Kim Essary Mar 30
imagine a world  with less sorrow and pain
Where haters didn’t hate for they had nothing to gain
A place where neighbors knew you by name
Where we could walk proud and not in shame
A world where our laws that were written were followed and applied to us all
A place where when we spoke to someone it was face to face for there were no phones to just pick up and call
A place where we heard and understood what was being spoken or asked
A place where we could breath because we weren’t forced to wear a mask
Imagine a time when the governed law was God Law as well
Imagine our world before we conformed to the Government who put us through hell.
Imagine our world as it use to be now is forever gone
Kim Essary Mar 30
The wind blowing  ever so softly like a whisper in my ear
The aroma of jasmine and honeysuckle  trickling the sent of sweetness through the air
The sun Shining down forcing a  warmth against my face
Calming my body to relax as I take in the earths embrace
The peaceful sound of silence so welcoming as my lids close over my eyes
I surround my thoughts of the singing birds and flapping wings  of the butterfly’s
Must I wake from the state of mind nature has pulled me into
Peace, serenity and beauty, Gods gift for me and you.
Gods beauty is our fmgift
Kim Essary Mar 30
Today I sit remembering all the memories we made and how we planned to make so many more
I have never lied to you nor will I start today, I am scared as hell of the thought of losing you it rips my heart to the core
You will never know what you mean to me and how much I need you to stay
I have been on my knees Praying that God gives you another day:
You are so much closer to the road you want to be on, I want to see your dreams come true
I want more than anything to have that walk on the beach just me and you:
So see you have to pull through this , there’s no other way
We have so many more memories to make Dear God I’m begging you,  Please let it be your will to let her stay:
I can’t see me doing life without my best friend by my side
Lord I pray to you give her strength through all these tears I have cried :
I know you can make miracles happen so if you have any to spare
Please use it on my best friend Dear God for I don’t know what I would do without her there.
Praying for my best friend to pull through
Kim Essary Mar 30
I found a new friend today
She’s Beautiful and funny in every way
Her heart is pure and intentions are  good
Only one flaw I have found and that’s she doesn’t give herself as much credit as she should.
She sees things just as they are and not scared to call them out
I wonder if she knows her worth is exactly what a true friend is all about
Her roads have been a struggle but she stands firm in her belief
God sent her to me in the nick of time as we found friendship through grief.
I hope she understands how she touched my heart in so many ways
Most people I meet I’m not concerned if they go away but this one lord is special to me and I pray to you she stays.
To my new and hopefully lifelong new friend   Laura I love you
Kim Essary Jan 23
I will never forget the day you came into this world
The second you opened your eyes it was love at first sight
They say the love of a grandchild is unlike any other , ide have to say they were right.
Becoming your Mimi on that day changed my life in more than one way
You have brought so much joy to my life I miss watching you run and play
Fifteen years old my time has flown by
So many years I watched you grow and so many more I have missed
When I think of everything I have missed it hurts me deep inside
I just hope that you always know how much I love and miss you
Happy Birthday Mimis baby boy, may all your wishes come true
My first born grandson
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