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Kim Essary Oct 9
It’s been almost a year since you were set free
So much has changed between you and me.
It’s so hard for me to believe all we’ve been through.
This wasn’t supposed to happen to me and you.
My partner forever , my ride or die
You have treated me so badly and I don’t know why.
I wanted so much for your life to turn around.
To be a good daddy to Your little girl and keep her safe and sound.
I hope and Pray you never have to feel this pain I’ve had to endure
I’ve made my mistakes but I’ve remained by your side loyal and pure
I didn’t deserve all the hateful things you said
Why would you ever wish your own mother dead
But through it all I still love you the same
My only son it’s time to be a man and take your own blame
I didn’t teach you to live this way
I taught you a real man earns his money the honest way
Dear God I come to you down on my knees
Help my son lead him the way have mercy on him oh dear god I pray unto you Please. Amen
Prayers are much welcome
Kim Essary Oct 8
Serenade me the words of your song
Sound it as though your voice to be strong
Capture me to imagine a life with no fear
Sing to me of truth to know you are near
Sing to me of hope yet unseen
Sing to me a royal proposal to make me your queen
Sing me to you as I follow your voice
When your song brings us together we shall sing and rejoice
Singing can heal your soul
Kim Essary Oct 8
Have you no manners your words full of hate and actions unruly.
Tearing others down and being a bully.
You choose your victims by what your eyes Can see
It’s what’s on the inside so much pain waiting to be set free.
You don’t know their struggles and yet still don’t care
Bullying is no game so please be aware.
Your words one day could very well be the push over the edge
Mr Bully was their life worth the jump off the ledge
You don’t have to hurt others to stand tall
You would have been more the hero if you saved them from their fall
I hope it was worth it all the cruel things that you said
Mr bully he can’t hear your words anymore you hurt him so badly now he is dead
Bullying is a sickness and needs to be addressed so many young taking their own life because they were bullied.
Kim Essary Sep 8
Your tears of sadness and uncertainty pour like rain on my heart.
Wanting so much to mend what others have torn apart.
Keep your head up, love yourself and God above all.
For as long as I'm still breathing, rest assure I will be there to pick you up if you should fall.
This is your life to live so live it as you choose.
You will make mistakes along the waybut that doesn't mean you lose.
You will travel many roads some of them a dead end.
Dont give up turn around rid yourself of everything and everyone in your life that's pretend .
One day you will look back and remember all the roads you traveled, all the dead ends, all the times you turned around,
Don't be ashamed of your story , look in the mirror and be proud of that woman all those roads found.
I'm always here for you
Kim Essary Sep 5
Learning more with every passing day, feeling more like I don't belong.
Something I dreamed to be so right has become ever so wrong.
Remembering all the hurt and pain I've been through in my past
Now added the reality that even dreams don't last.
Finding that place of belonging is few and far between.
Kim Essary Aug 25
Your ears are foolish to believe every word thought to be heard
Your eyes hold trickery as to what they think they really see.
Things of the past you may have forgotten,
So they should remain forgotten instead of manifesting only what you hear of negativity,
For if you fall in the darkness where might you find the light.
Foolishness is upon you as you act upon things you no not of .
Such things, self proclaimed rumors, lies spit from the devil's tongue.
Rumors are:
Spoken by liars
Spread by Idiots and
Believed by Fools.
The story is told to one and misconstrued by the rest.
Kim Essary Jul 12
Days of my life, most filled with pain.
Days where there's little sunshine, to see through the rain.
There are days when only my lonely whispers my name.
Some days I lay crying accepting my blame .
Days when Im sad for no reason at all
Days when silence fills these walls.
Through it all I still find strength  to Give God His Praise.
I will keep my faith and continue to Pray for God to send me  better days .
Although life seems so gloom I am very blessed to have been given each day I wake.
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