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Kim Essary Oct 2021
Walking alone in the dark of the night
Memories of you  consume my mind as tears fill my eyes and fog my sight
Feeling as if someone came along and robbed me taking what was left of  my life
My chest burning like my heart was being stabbed with a knife
Every time I hear the words that you were denied
I catch myself gasping for breath knowing how hard I tried
I gave my all and it wasn’t enough to set you free
Now I fear I have to face the harsh reality
I may never get to hold you in my arms or see your smile light up a room again
You went in as a boy and will come out a grown man
I don’t know how I can make it in the shape that I’m in
I pray God allows me to see you to your freedom once again.  
Please be safe son so you can come home to me
I can’t wait until this is behind you
so you will finally walk free.
I love and miss you my son
Kim Essary Sep 2021
There is a place of peace where beauty lies far beneath
Where your eyes peer across the horizon as far as they may see
A place where your ears invite the soothing sound of the endless waves as they roll onto the shore then swiftly back out to sea
A place where the breeze softly blows a salty kiss you can taste upon your lips
A place so magical and mysterious far down on the oceans floor
Where the plants come to life some even have an array of light
Where there are fish that resemble the stars that light up our sky
Sand dollars are formed in a circle with the resemblance of birds inside
How mystical is the sea horse that swims in the sea or the eel filled with electricity
A shell that when you place it to your ear the sound of the rolling waves can be heard perfectly clear.
There is no better place to find yourself and so much more we don’t know
Than the beach and all the mystery far beneath our oceans floor.
The ocean is filled with Pearce and serenity
Kim Essary Sep 2021
This journey called life seems so unfair
There’s very little good to be found
But so much evil everywhere
It’s hard to imagine the way things
Were  way back in the day
When family stuck together and didn’t
Morals were valued and respect was
A must
When a mans word was all that he had
To earn trust
Love was cherished and loyalty was too
For back in the day this is all that we knew
There were no cell phones, video games or the internet heard of
Back in the day time was spent with the ones we love
Things of this world were so much better when Gods children could openly pray
The world was a much better place back in the day.
Missing the way things use to be
Kim Essary Sep 2021
Have you ever felt your feet on the inside of my shoe
If you answered no then you haven’t a clue
By all means remove your own and I’ll gladly lend you mine
You will be amazed at the stories you’ll find
I guarantee you won’t make it one mile and you Will bring my shoes back to me
Though you may wear the same size you still couldn’t fill my shoes
You see
they have caused me many blisters from walking through my days and crying through my night
Just to wake me in the morning to another battle left to fight

Now you beg me to trade back my shoes you thought you could fill
As you see that didn’t happen today nor it never will
Don’t be so quick to judge others by the choices they may choose
Because the day may come when when you have no choice but to walk a mile in their shoes
Kim Essary Sep 2021
She is the  real prisoner outside those prison gates,
The one that waits by her phone and Answers it every time he calls
The one that can’t sleep at night worried about her child
She has given up her life to hopefully make it to his time of release
She fears for him every waking hour and even in her little sleep
The day of his sentencing was her sentencing as well
She no longer lives her life she feels chained inside her thoughts
She can’t watch a movie or listen to music without breaking down in tears because something always reminds her of him
She can’t enjoy seeing a father with his children because he doesn’t even know his
She spends her last dime and borrows if he needs more she’s the one that will always be there for him but the only one that he disrespects
He takes out all of his anger on her as her tears roll down her cheeks
She feels his pain and knows he’s hurt and she can’t protect him from harm
For every day he remains locked up feels like years off of her life
So she confines herself and every passing thought
I know all of these things to be the truth because the she I speak of is me.
Locked inside my own prison until the day when he’s set free
The love of a child incarcerated will forever leave scars on your heart and years off of your life
Kim Essary Apr 2021
My heart hurts today for all that’s involved
Our community won’t stop until the cruel crimes you have committed are rightfully solved.
Our furbabies may not can tell all that they know or what you may have put them through
But rest assured for all the evil you have showed your plea of not guilty makes you look like a fool.
We all saw the terrible sick things you inflicted on a living breathing beautiful cat
So claim what you will but at the end of the day a fact is a fact.
You need so much Prayer and to put God in your heart
Givin your current situation now would be a good time to start
I Pray that that ban you from all animals and take your license away
This community of Ozark will never accept you for anything so why don’t you just pack up and go away
For our furbabies we are their voice and in case you couldn’t tell
They are wagging their tales and thanking their humans for never allowing you to again put them through hell.
We are their humans they are our family and deserve to be treated with Love
May God forgive you for all you have put them through and may He show you mercy when He hands down your punishment from the heavens above
Close his doors shut him down
Kim Essary Apr 2021
Dear Humans, I’m sorry to take up your time there’s just a few things I would like to say
But as you all know I can’t speak for myself so my human will speak for me today
Have humans forgotten so many things we as furbabies do
For as long as we live our loyalty belongs to  you
We are your ears while you lay sleeping at night
We are your eyes if you lose your sight
We protect you from all harm
We rustle you’re livestock for you on the farm
We find your loved ones that  have been missing for days
We show you we love you in so many ways
All that we want is to be loved in return
So many things you can teach us cause we love to learn
If you look in our eyes then you will see
We aren’t much different than humans we each have our own personality
Please dont abuse or neglect us just because you can
Always remember there is a purpose a dog is best friend of man.
There is no excuse for animal abuse
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