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CarolineSD Nov 2021
Now the winter reaches in with
Razor edged hands,
Clasps the browning leaves
And yanks the last remnants of
Summer down
To the chilling ground
And I am like a forgotten August sunset
Dripping tears of crimson and gold
Along the gray horizon
And the earth is shifting slow,
Turning away

From a love that could have been

If there ever was an eternal summer
As gardens set deep within
The Misty Mountains
A certain holiness repressed
Beneath the depths of impenetrable glacial walls.

I have called for your voice across the frigid tundra
But it is as lost
As it ever was.

The songbirds cry

And oh, how I have known them long
A little girl
Reaching for their hearts behind the ephemeral whispers
Of the song

Winter’s fog descends like burial cloth  
And they are gone.
Traveler Dec 2020
You have drawn the extra version card
Welcome to the deck
Introverted values
You no longer can connect

Intuition, feelings and perceiving
is the game that extroverts play
Opposed to sensing, thanking and judging like those introverted lames!

If you’re not sure which side you’re on
Or if you’re out there on the fence
Do you want to be alone?
Or the party to commence!

So weep not my child
they’ll be no need for fear
God made
An extra version of you dear!
Traveler Tim
Colm Sep 2019
There is the immediate air out of which you breathe
And those who live for it
And those who see the effects of the breeze
And attempted to speak for it
This is the politest way I've found to put it. Though neither is wrong, they're just different.
cassie sky Apr 2018
This space between us
A universe of desire
Felt but not spoken
A sort of re-wording of one of my previous poems titled "You Stalk Me, I Stalk You"
there is an ache

it cuts
at moments
through your heart

   strong as the wind
   that makes the desert move

it stays with you
for all your life
until you breathe your last

  and even then
it will not be enough
Shifting gears
Revolutions near

Red line absorption
In blue sky spectrums

Characterizing wave~particle
Photonic duality

Designating principals
Using dark features

Coinciding emissions
With elemental missions

Broad strokes
Masking narrow bands

Of water lilies
Written near Swami's

— The End —