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maria el rey Apr 2019
it’s gone.
i never knew how to feel. i never knew what anything meant
and everything was new, and the waters were oddly still.
i chose to swim to you. despite my drowning
and i swam into your arms, and i learned to love.
you and i, we grew together like vines
intertwining, our lives connected
by what did not seem like a tenuous thread.

days turned into months.
we did not count down the time, it did not matter to us
until yesterday, when you decided
we could no longer be lovers
and i still don’t know why,
but it’s gone.
it’s gone.
i got bad news yesterday. no, i am not alright.
  Mar 2019 maria el rey
this invisible monster is strong and i'm stronger,
but right now i'm just tired
maria el rey Mar 2019
when i was small, i would stare up the banana tree in my front yard.
it was
high, and i thought it would never end
growing past the clouds, into the sky
when i was eight
we moved to the united states and
i waved goodbye
and ive been dreaming lately
maria el rey Mar 2019
the sun rises slowly at 5AM

and the world smells like fresh rain

and the world is coated in gold
good morning
I am here connecting with the soil,
with the smallest suggestion
of a breeze,
before the day’s heat hits.

Across an ocean, we were
to have met again, had
you been there, my friend.

Now, we do our best
to be where are.

Across the bare wooden floor,
new leaves dance shadows
onto the dark green Roman blinds.
Copyrighted by Elisa Maria Argiro
  Mar 2019 maria el rey
The sun is going down
I'm just lying here
Letting it
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