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l b d Sep 2020
the wire crept away
from a hollow

they walked around their throats,
his face was a snarl
on the other's teeth
stopdoopy Dec 2018
Any time I think of her
my jaw locks
and my teeth press
into a viscous snarl
as if I've become some beast

And I would bite
with words I've held tight
sinking teeth into flesh
and getting it where it hurts

Maybe I am a rabid animal
who's too dangerous to trust
but what does that mean when
you're the one who made me this way
Haley Tyler Feb 2018
He snarls, his lips curling over his teeth. “You’ve pushed away everyone who ever loved you away, and laughed.”

I focused on the dust motes floating between us, willing his words to hurt. Willing for them to sting.


It’s always been nothing.

“It’s a shame I never loved you then, isn’t it?”
—if I’m toxic then my words are acid | h.t

— The End —