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Jos May 28
the fists i make
hit the skin
pierce the soul
know i'm real
Jos May 13
my anger finds me
my anger defines me

my anger has consumed me
their faces makes me so mad
Jos May 6
My bed sinks in with the weight of my bones
so heavy and cold, shaken with my soul
Jos Apr 11
theres that thread again
wrapped around my heart
hoping to find you
to wrap around yours too
Jos Apr 9
out of all the guys trying to get me
all i see is you
their looks mean nothing
when all i see is you
you might be the lesser art
but ill still choose you
Jos Apr 5
you face makes my blood boil
makes me want to dehumanize you
destroy you
Jos Apr 4
do you know what its like to feel your future slip away from you?
to lose all hope in your life, to not understand the consequences
not understand the pain you will end up putting on yourself
do you know what its like to not have the will to change
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