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Winter Song

This is my enchanted winter song
The days of fall are all long gone
A winter song my heart's desire
Through the ice lies a blazing fire
Winter always has a place in my heart
One day the falling snowflakes will part
Mother Nature's blanket of snow on the land
Left behind the footprints of beast and man

Chorus:As the arctic wind whistles my winter song
Telling me we all have the need to belong

In the winter days of ice and of snow
Pray the winter spirit continues to grow
My Lonely heart lays frozen in time
The winter spirit lives in this soul of mine
Maybe love will bloom in this heart divine
Caressed by love and the winter sunshine
Winter days short and winter nights long
But within my frozen heart I sing this song

Chorus:As the arctic wind whistles my winter song
Telling me we all have the need to belong

To see the falling of the first snowflakes
My very breath the winter wind takes
As the winter blue jay comes to land
Painting a picture by God's loving hand
With the blue jay singing my winter song
Tells me that hope for love is never gone

Chorus:As the arctic wind whistles my winter song
Telling me we all have the need to belong

By Gary Edward Allen 2021
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Yazad Tafti Jun 2020
love carved and grazed
needled and etched
plastered and secured
through a fine cross section of a wormhole altered looking glass
beads pour down this sculpture as water droplets do on 10 minutes past showered jasmine petals
time stretched
wave warped
a benevolent hosting guardian
as water drips i have showered the land through these hosting lenses
and your mineral shaped circulating spectacle
a heart stone awaiting nourishment down to its
water grasping core
tree fell in the forest no one cared....we all got firewood
Just because its called a blunt,
Doesn't mean it dulls the edges.
It keeps everything turnt,
Giving a sparkle to the senses.

It gives you joy.
Whilst fading away your tensing.
Trips, it takes you on.
Just inhale. Take flight, take off. . .
A sesh.
An exchange of ideas.
A meeting of men, women.
A gathering of peers.

A collection of the open-minded.
At a place of happiness.
A place with no problems. No stress.
All you have to do is pass and share.
'Today, The Jay...'*

I open my eyes to see its a new day.
Today, What's the day?
Is it Saturday or Sunday?
The only thing of which I'm certain
Is that its not a weekday.

So, What can I do today?
Without delay,
The first thing I do is get my tray
Light a blunt to take the pain away.
Inhale and exhale,
Through the passageways.
Chill. . . Then, light another, just because its today.
I'm still in bed, but it's already a good day.

I push the sheets and pillows out the way
Then I get up to empty last night's fluids away.
Then to the kitchen, wondering what I can eat today
What can I do, to keep the hunger at bay?
Maybe some rice and filet?
A little something to kickstart the day.

While the food preps, I go back to my tray.
I smile and giggle as I sculpt my one true love, the Jay
With me at any time, anywhere, in any form, on any day.
Even though I'm already high; 'Hooray'.
I still want another hit of the Jay

The Jay,
Hits, Without delay.
When everyone goes away.
All the pain away.

My worries, It allays.
My happiness, it brings to the fray.
Keeps my mind, from going astray.
Literally, takes my breath away.

Causes, no form of decay
Keeps me, from getting 'ire'
Doesn't negotiate, doesn't parlay.
Just good vibes, all the way.

The love of the Jay;
Isn't just a single foray.
Its a constant exchange,

It's a feeling, that once attained,
Nothing, will ever take its place.
And there goes the tale of my day,
Spent with my true love, the Jay.
CJ M Jan 2016

I know a mind that heats up hotter than the sun and a body that can become a brick
I love her dearly, but in truth, I think her head is a bit thick.
She’s an adventurous soul with a warm heart and a mind that’s faster than the draw
A perfect being and sure sweetheart, she has no single flaw.

The party wherever she is and personality unmatched in all,
she’s a singular creature of complexity
A compilation of personalities yet one of her own,
a chameleon with surprising dexterity

The embodiment of physical beauty,
When she walks by, people notice
Needless to say, I would be extremely guilty
If I didn’t let her know this.

A crush is a crush, and a love is a love
But a friendship is something much more.
A wish is a wish, and to miss is to miss
But there’s so much that the both of us haven’t explored.

I know a mind that heats up hotter than the sun
In the body of a wild child
And I know someone who I won’t forget
Because she’s always making me smile

Crysta Gingras Dec 2015
Caw! Caw! Calls the crow on a crisp fall morning
Nevermore! Nevermore! Yells the ravens forewarning
The mist lifts into the air
As the sun begins to rise
The priests are sending up a prayer
Babies shouting out their cries
The dog down the street going bark! bark! bark!
The canary next door gives a little whistle
Out of the brush in a hurry ***** a swift lark
Away dashes a bunny, straight into the thistle
A squirrel chatters away
At a cat prowling close
Diving in, a daring jay
Caught by the cat, almost
Never was there a morning
So busy as this
To hear the birds all chirp and sing
To describe in a word…bliss
Good Morning to my angel
Sandile JUNIOUR Dec 2015
I stood so firm giving out my speech to people who really inspire to me people who care I felt like I was rare up on the stage and giving condolences to all my fans nice life but would clash wood smooth wooden chair but thoughs going wild on the air drank champagne looking at a crowed all there to celebrate me I new this was the start of something, something very sparky iv never felt so alive it was about time I waked up and shine but would clash wood wearing my Italian suit looking like the person on my mirror wooden door I was trying to open but thoughts all over thr door would this happen...??? Kept asking me questions but I found the answeres while I was celebrating ..
This poem is about me thinking about my performance which is gonna take place live( TV ) every time I came across something wooden I would wounder and think so I named it would clash wooden
IcySky Aug 2015
We walk, talk, dress, eat, act, and love like humans...
We feel pain, sadness, joy, and all the same emotions.
The difference.... We love each other no matter what,
we talk to each other, and help one another...


We don't judge people,
but yet they judge us.
We maybe different...
but we still feel.

Furries love,
and care.
I am a furry.
Deal with it.

We stand up or each other,
You will never be misunderstood,
Furries band together,
and stay together!!

Furry Love
Cheetah Love
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