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The good. The bad. The ugly
All happening in the same location
My bed was taken
Preoccupied by sweat
The bed wet
I have a hot box
I'll rock your socks off
But only if I like you
I'll get some head but you gotta be good
Men made me hate ***
Too fast. No pleasure
I don't like to feel rushed
I like it slow, hard, rough
Choke me while you slide it in slow
Do your best to let me know
Own this cat
Not too many can do that
Only 2 have proven that
But I took Miss Kitty back
She straightened up real fast
Now she hasn't had that
Jaw dropping, leggin popping
Ouuu can I have your babies?
Nah, keep that ****** on daddy
I ain't tryna be crazy
Knock out ***
Make sure I walk funky for 2 days
I've had a lot of ***
I've been high from it
Some might call that addiction
But it has to be the right person or its a waste of skill
I want to showcase this pornstar worthy talent
With someone who had magic to share with me
I want to be pretzelized
Push my legs back as far as they will go
Make me feel it in my stomach
Eat my car until tears of pure satisfaction leak from my eyes
Sensational ecstasy 10x
It's magical . As it should be.
Poem 7— Self Preservation
Kyra Madeleine Oct 2017
Wrap your pensive fingers
around my jaw
and pull me closer.

Make me forget that her name
is still stuck between your teeth;

show me what it's like
to forget the

- k.m.
cait-cait Jul 2016
don't cry,
little me...
youll shed your calloused skin
one day,
hatching out of
your candy-wrapper cocoon
of dreams and ribbon in
               and pink,  

give your jaws a rest,

undo your sewn on smile,
with your
skin collapsing on
your cheekbones and
empty eyeholes,
tired, and d u s t y

you will be fine.
your heart will still be broken, but bigger me is fine. based on coraline. **** everyones boyfriend tbh
Zero wazhere Dec 2015
Im not a flirt, sure I flirt but I'm not a flirt I just want you to like me although next year you'll go to another high school

I'm not a flirt I just use humor to make you smile

I'm not a flirt I just drop off hints to see if you feel the same

I'm not a flirt I just enjoy poeming about you
Keah Jones Mar 2015
I saw you last night
I tightened my jaw and averted my eyes
But not before I sympathized with the plaid shirt hanging from your hunched shoulders
Those buttons that have been replaced with my teeth, chipping away against your sternum
leaving me with a skyline smile
I saw you last night
I smiled
You acted like you had seen the sun set on this city a thousand times
Slowly and soft
Playing, laughing, experimenting
Relaxed and happy
Then passionately and long
Cheeks, lips, jaw, neck, and lips again
Deep and *******
Forehead to the belly button
Behind the neck to bump down

Rubbing nose and cheeks
Pressing lips
Fondling ******* and ****
Cuddling with ears
Embracing eyes, looking shy
Spices of variety
Bare skin
A touch of sensation
Against a wall, on the ground
Or in my hands, over me, into each other
Tightly locked, so soothing
A spider web
Searching hands, unexplored regions
Wet and moist
Taking a break
Doing it all over again
and again
and again
the morning rushes upon us
#soft #experimenting #relaxed #passionately #cheeks #jaw #******* #forehead #belly #bump #pressing #fondling #******* #**** #cuddling #embracing #spices #variety #skin #sensation #locked #soothing #unexplored #moist #break #morning #rushes
Chloe Elizabeth Sep 2014
The day you said I was yours forever,
my jaw dropped

The day you changed your mind,
it was my whole body

By Chloe Elizabeth
Marly Apr 2014
i saw you in my dreams last night and the thing i remember the best is the sharp outline of your jaw
and how it moved when you spoke
my mind wandered and made me imagine how it would look while you were kissing me
at least the three pounds of meat that slams around in my skull is good for something.

— The End —