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NewAgeOfAnarchy Oct 2014
I think this strait-jacket suit me well, it matches my unique personality
copyright 2014 Michael Cross
NewAgeOfAnarchy Oct 2014
Some say I'm crazy for my ideas, I believe I'm unique.
I wear strait-jacket like fashion and they study me like a detective.
I got my mind right and my head on straight, I see illusions I think they may be real.
I hear voice in my head; they are speak with wisdom, but are chaotic.
I'm not crazy just unique.
copyright 2014 Michael Cross
Rockie Dec 2014
Touch Upon My Insanity
She whispers
Into the white walls
Touch Upon My Insanity
She cries
To the men and women in white coats
Touch Upon My Insanity
She screams
At the white buckled jacket
Encasing her
In a never-ending repetition of
Touching Upon Insanity
ic  Mar 2014
leather jacket
ic Mar 2014
that black leather,
surrounding your waist,
back and shoulders,
all i want to do
is grip tight on it
and never let go,
as we are driving on this
old, used motorbike
without our helmets,
like we are just waiting,
and wanting our lives
to come to
an end,
thinking we are dangerous
and cool,
when we are just
young and reckless.
Take my jacket, he said
I smiled, and put it on
What he didn't know was
Nothing could warm up
The freezing ending
That was getting closer
Not even like the badass in black,
does it make this guy.
You just scream of stitches,
the effort barreling through
those kind of times.
I mean, how many shows
can others say they have survived?
You are tested in smoke
and bleed the thunder
of distortion and mullet-harpies.
Ever the bard with
suede tales from the sheets
of past lovers tearing you
(off of) away from me,
evenings under the moon,
musk of careless showers lost,
the drinks misplaced now and then
over the glass straight to you.

This ode to my favorite Jacket is discerning.
In the eyes of others, you are vermin-
second-hand warmth at best.
When I see you, you are priceless,
the only friend who has yet
to leave me out in the cold,
even for a moment.
© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015
Violet Blue  Jun 2015
Violet Blue Jun 2015
Your jacket
Smells like you
I've carried it everywhere with me
All weekend
Kept it by my side
In my hands
Or on me
The scent of you
Helps me sleep
It's his jacket
I have to give it back soon
By the time I give it back
It will smell like me
His jacket
His jacket :3 <3
Molly  Dec 2014
His Jacket
Molly Dec 2014
He gave me his
and it smelled like
him and smoke
and I knew why
but I wore it anyway.

The day he
it was cold outside so
I wore his jacket
wiped my nose on the sleeves.

We got the call from the
psych ward
three days later and I couldn't
see him
hold him
so I buried my face in his jacket
even though it smelled like smoke
and I knew why.

I kept it
stuffed in the corner between
the wall and my bed
so on the nights when I
missed him too much to sleep
I could wrap myself in it
even though
it didn't smell like him anymore.

When he came back
a month later
and I saw him in
a crowded hallway
he looked at me and
when he noticed I was wearing
his jacket
and he
hugged me
so it smelled like him again.

I still
wear his jacket
when I can't sleep at night.
Amber K  Dec 2014
Your Jacket
Amber K Dec 2014
You gave me your jacket on a cold day
When you saw how I was shivering and miserable
"Take this"
And you smiled as you handed me your dark grey jacket

I wore it
And instantly felt the warmth
Not only from the jacket
But from the kindness you showed someone like me

I still have the jacket
Lying to you saying, "I left it at home again"
You still tell me that it's okay for me to keep it
And I dunno why but I always tell you that I'll bring it the next time

I guess I still want to keep the jacket
I wear it when I feel lonely or sad
But also want your scent on it again
The smell of you and your favourite deodorant... it comforts me for some reason

I'm giving it back to you tomorrow
So you can wear it again
And then I'll find a way to trick you
Into giving it back to me
Poem for a guy I like... still can't tell him though... *sigh*

I finally found my style after failing so much on my own ^^ I seem to like love poems

I dunno why but I just love his scent... I'm weird :p

Yes, a tag is snow-kid. Shh
Charles J Moorer Aug 2015
@The Jacket.
Love, can I treat you like I treat my jacket? Taking you wherever I go, showing the love I have for you through my sleeves and tuning you to my body, pulsating throbs of my heart as our two frictions force reaction.
I want to have you close to me, heavy hood be your hair as it sinks close to me, covering my neck with loving protection, covering my shoulders with your arms entwined with mine as if we were truly one, covering my length and letting me know that we are at a temperature of comfort and ability.
I want your body to clothe me, zip up tight and never let go, hugging me with all the comfort in the world and lifting yourself as to be a silent watcher to me, a shield to my being from the enemies that threaten us.
I want your hands to be the pockets, close yet separate, deeply rooted as if it were your faith placed near my sides. Holding me as I hold you.
I want our love to be the zipper, running through both our forms, creating a new feeling, making a new being, forging us.
Yet who are we? Who are we to claim to be so close in cloth yet so young in mind, so strong in emotion and so weak in body?
We are the very fabric of nature, hooking to machines that form the sewed outlines of other such fabrics, forming the earth and inciting war among our emotion.
We walk through the public proudly, you clinging to me and I, chest puffed like a bird in mating season, acquiring a taste for the strange looks and stranger people who deem to judge us based on their understanding.
Hot weather, cold weather, mild and comfortable weather. Rain or snow, sleet, hail, or hell’s heat, I intend to keep you close, as you are more than cloth covering me, you are the being caressing me, kissing my spirit and cradling my heart in the warm grasps of your fabrics, pressed closely to my chest in an attempt to make me feel better about myself, hiding my form so that none shall see what I deem stay hidden.
And I shall love you, I shall do all that I can to keep you safe and keep you near, mend you and wash you, clearing your mind and body of the impure, soaking your fabric and drying them out once more. Tonguing your soul while hugging you back, rubbing your threaded flaws and letting you know that they are necessary, that they are noted and left as forgotten. Unafraid to dawn you and worthy to criticize yet keeping grateful to have you when the nights get cold and my soul needs your warmth.
The world is a cruel place, and it gets worse every day, which is why, my love, I want you to be my jacket, and I shall be yours.
Tonights night vent, I literally just pasted it here, hopefully I'm finished, but I still have some emotion left, I think I'm going to think another up
Eener Nospmoht Jan 2014
I'm sick of the disappointment that sets in when I realize you're over it.
Over me.
I don't care how long ago it was. Can you really look at me and not feel anything?
Guilt? Regret? Even the tiniest bit of want?
Because when I see you
I miss it.
The late night texts. The hour-long phone calls. The daily 'I love you's'
Can you really tell me that you've forgotten those feelings? Or don't at least think about it when you see me, passing by?
I don't know whether to find that hurtful or impressive. Because when I see your smile,
I think of years ago; hair curly, ear pierced. When we went to that cafe and you wore your red shirt because you knew it was my favorite.
How you gave me your hat and I took it off, embarassed and blushing.
I've realized that day is over. A mere wave in the endless ocean of time.
I need to learn how to swim so that one wave does not consume me.
L'Amour Noir  Sep 2014
The Jacket
L'Amour Noir Sep 2014
The crickets.
The summer warmth that gives you the shiver of fall.
The lights of this city.
The sky is eternity.
The trees.
The bench in the park where i put my head to rest.
Memories of winter, they pass so hollow, just like waves and thirsty souls.
In my head.
The jacket.
That eternal jacket.
I live one hundred times, it is always like the first time.
A cigarette.
A beer in the hand.
Memories of my friends.
All the good times.
Everything is this moment.
This moment is everything.
I'm infinite.
How I live, it's a legend.
The world won't know, just the hearts that I've touched.  
Last day of summer, just a myth.
Inside it feels more real and alive then ever before.
It's the best day of all.

Once there was a boy and his jacket, who made his devils thirsty.
Oh, how beautiful he was.
Oh the tears he cried were lust.
all of us
want to think
'my place is best'

to have a place
that is yours
though, is enough

i can't believe
you thought i
wouldn't come back
as long as i'm alive i'll come back
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