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Crimsyy Aug 2017
I can feel my drive alive and kicking,
I have done enough
collapsing and sinking,
and now I have no more time for you,
no time to soak in the blues,
Head up high,
I won't be overthinking.

You pout because you know
I'm not a fragile thing,
I walk away,
your words and looks lose their sting,
I know this isn't what you're used to,
and my self belief is new for you,
Less talk, more walk,
Now I'm the one creating distance.

I'm on a different track,
and my body holds a poet
and she's biting back.
One thing's for sure;
I let you walk out that door
because I have grown
to thrive more on my own,
And your superficiality
has caused your social fatality,
And now you know
I don't beg anymore,
I don't hesitate anymore,
I've reclaimed my throne,
extracted you from my bones.
undefined Oct 2015
i am an empty vessel
in a world revolving around extraction

if i am valued against what i can give the world,
then i am of no value.

nothing can be reaped from me;
for nothing has been sowed.
A Watoot May 2015
City noise drowned by my ears.
Rays of sunlight passed through leaves.
As cool breeze blew my hair,
I realize, I really wasn't there.

Inoculation started with titanium tips;
I looked elsewhere and thought real deep.
Anesthesia sunk down in my cheeks.
My face feel numb with swollen lips.

I think my mind wandered far enough,
Little me saying "Hey, I'm tough."
But my tongue tasted blood and rust.
But hey, I still do give my trust.

Continuously, he said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
While bringing it back, after taking the ivory.
The familiar scent of isopropyl filled the air.
He gave me a specimen of the ivory that I once took care.
My mind wandered off in the middle of my surgery. ouch
RW Dennen Dec 2014
Give me your mind and talk to me
let us talk my talk
let us walk my walk

Beware because I am
not a gold miner or even a coal miner
but a mind miner, extracting your self-product
lying deep within your deep and dark hidden caverns
I will dig out your most hidden psyche
I will dig out your most deep inner world by my grinding words
Your inner product will be on a talking conveyer belt,
washed polished and dried to perfection
I will then reinvent your freshly dug up social product
and inspect for flaws
If all passes my inspection, that reflects myself,
the stamp will declare, approved by the Good Mind Keepers of "Herd Mentality".
Propagandist, Propagandist, Propagandist

— The End —