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Rhea Oct 2020
Some like to journal on paper
Some scribe into their skin
But my testament hides
Behind guarded lips
Primal etches in a cavern

My mouth the masterpiece
Of misfortune’s skilled eye
The colors there bewilder
Red, black, green, purple, blue
A rainbow amidst the dark

A master of media
Poverty often crafts
The most intricate of spoils
Among the discarded class
Our mouths a showcase of toil

Charcoal smears the tops of my teeth
Red paint adorns my gums
Abstract strokes of white in front
Deep purple patches peek in back
The one hurting is mystic green

But when throbs wake my sleep
Ripe stench repels my taste
And pills hold no respite
I know a piece has rotted
And my collection must shorten

Emergency receives me
Teeth matching their coats
I share my exotic tapestry
Its realism, pain—my story
They cannot appreciate

And I lose one by one
The slow craftsmanship
Of life’s daily brushstrokes
With no compensation
And a receipt of crushing dues

A hundred years from today
Excavators will unearth history
They will decode messages left
In script, skin, and scraps
Piecing together our lives

I tour my dwindling sculptures
And wonder what will be left
When I am a studied remnant
How will they share my tale
Of slow anguish without glory
After a day on ER
Yazad Tafti Jun 2020
i like to sing lalalalalala
hopping through meadows lalalalala
me and my lift off ready propeller hat, suspended denim, wheat grazed overalls and that lollipop ...oh that lollipop that beacons the **** this kid get a lollipop as big as his head.....oh **** he got a lollipop as big as soviet think he'd be lifting barbells to carry a lollipop that big...yoooo arnold..... mr universe step aside we got mr ***** ****** cavity to be over here...

ahhh such a warm vignette of a sight captured on my negative stained film reel.

those ******* golden, luminous, norma jean hue

all altered piece by piece composition due to video editing after effects

the raw footage...oh the unfiltered, unsteady, dim lit, yet sharp as a boyonette ready to taste invasive fibers raw footage

me watching the world pass by as i drive my car off that unmarked, unused bridge exit, just knowing my car isn't going to assemble into a submarine...

did i mention there was light jazz playing to compliment the cool gravity propelled breeze....if only my propeller hat was worn...but it was a fedora kind of day :/
i think kids are cool cause they're so ******* happy ..imagine myself as that kid cliche ..happy cliche
neth jones Mar 2019
be more thorough
with your dental hygiene
lest the breath
behind the breath
get out
and things become veterinary
must have brushed teeth
DCgirl Sep 2017
I was practicing a filling technique
(I'm a dentist so it's okay)
And it got me thinking about you
It certainly doesn't hurt now, does it?
I definitely packed all the material in, didn't I?
Oops... I can still see the caries. And I think I filled it with trash.


I'm not a good dentist anyway.

Maybe I should fill the void by writing?
In case someone I know stumbles here.. this isn't about me. And stop snooping
Sam Hain Aug 2015
You know you've got a problem
    When candy is more than dandy—
When all you want is sugar,
    And start trading teeth for candy.

A Watoot May 2015
City noise drowned by my ears.
Rays of sunlight passed through leaves.
As cool breeze blew my hair,
I realize, I really wasn't there.

Inoculation started with titanium tips;
I looked elsewhere and thought real deep.
Anesthesia sunk down in my cheeks.
My face feel numb with swollen lips.

I think my mind wandered far enough,
Little me saying "Hey, I'm tough."
But my tongue tasted blood and rust.
But hey, I still do give my trust.

Continuously, he said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
While bringing it back, after taking the ivory.
The familiar scent of isopropyl filled the air.
He gave me a specimen of the ivory that I once took care.
My mind wandered off in the middle of my surgery. ouch

— The End —