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Arkapravo Oct 14
(with an apology to Pink Panther)

Ice melts,
Hurricanes rage,
Permafrost thaws,
Methane burps,
Temperature shoots,
Sea level rises,
Agriculture fails,
Drinking water shortages,
Tsunamis show their might,
Landslide kills,
Pandemic thrives,
Fishes stop breeding,
Insects go out of sight,
and, human beings exit, stage left!
Arkapravo Aug 25
If the end is nigh,
light up your hearts,
for we all die!
Arkapravo Aug 25
... the mountains, the flowers, the clouds and where all we look! 

Christened by destiny, pre-ordained truth.
Arkapravo Aug 17
'Who am I', if you ask!
With a grin I say, 'A Man in a Mask'
Arkapravo May 5
A travel in time,
to a better line,
where the virus,
hasn't yet thrown us under the bus.

A serendipity,
a worth for our proclivity,
say August of last year,
a care for our fear.

Fire away the antimatter engines,
add in the lustful draught of Benzene.
Fasten your seat belts, next stop paradise,
a grin, a cheer, pour me a glass add some ice!

Hey Captain America, Iron Man too!
have I lost my mind, nothing for a clue?
Lockdown has fried my brains, rotted my soul,
the virus kills in many ways, its a devil not a foal!
Written on 5th May 2020.
Arkapravo Apr 6
Laffing is the best medicine,
Alas, not always life saving!
Arkapravo Apr 6
What fun is life, if it doesn't end,
A virus with no ways for a mend,
Time for sorrows to blend,
A moment for the universe, less for man to lend!
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