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Matterhorn Dec 2018
scene I:

a squirrel
in the road,
cars whizzing by
left and right,
narrowly missing
the fearless traveler
by the shortest hair
of its bushy tail.

scene II:

a young bird
in a nest,
screeching loudly
as a human child does,
though not for fear
or hunger,
but anticipation;
then leaping into unknown vastness.

scene III:

a caterpillar
traversing a leaf,
the green ground
shifting, swaying,
as the teenage insect
searches for the place,
the perfect place,
for a coming of age.

scene IV:

an ant
laboring feverishly,
driven by pure instinct,
innate obligation—
perhaps love?—
to create a world
it likely will not see.

scene V:

a mantis
a final worship
to an unseen,
unknown God,
preparing for the ultimate,
honorable sacrifice,
to be unremembered by his brood.

scene VI:

a grizzly
charging through the brush,
a mad fear in her eyes,
in her heart,
as she bull-rushes
the two barrels
that threaten her only child
and will surely take her.

scene VII:

a rebel flag
emblazoned on the
rear window of the truck,
the truck driven by a man
who cares little that
his 7/11 cup now lays by
the side of the road,
or for the journey he just ended.
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2018
Arlo Disarray Nov 2015
Black Friday
is gonna turn into
Red Friday
because I'm gonna ****
all these ******* customers,
**** these *****!
DeadMan Mar 2015
What it feels like?
Since my birth is
that I've been cursed.
My family tree? Might
just be the worst.
That, that twisted tree?
Was never worth it's
Seed. It tries to
strive but has only
seen hard times.
That family? is just
a word. Truly, I've
seen their worst.
Lisa Jan 2015
Someone please give me a way
A magic solution
To make this searing pain go away
I know I rhyme
But isn't that manipulation
Just of words and time
I want to find a way
To twist and burn
Phrases and sounds but
Even with all the seconds
Hours, days, months
Only my heart can emote
My face can try
My tears can fall
I can't write
I can't feel anything
Other than what you wanted
I was more than enough
I only wish I saw through your bluff
Better than me you say?
"I'm with her so I can have you"
"I promise some day I'll love you too"
"You make me feel things"
You're not old enough
Pretty enough
Small enough
I was adequate all along
It was your soul that needed fixed
Not mine
I hope she's nothing you wanted
Because she will never be me
I hope you burn in hell
Maybe then you'll understand
You can't ruin people
And still look in a mirror
Without the cracks of you
Of who you really are
Seeping through
Yeah I hope you read this... you know who you are
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
I hate all these ******* people
I wish they would all die
They drive me ******* crazy
No matter what I try

They're all so ******* useless
They make me grit my teeth
They've always got excuses
And **** lies they always speak

I ******* hate these *******
I really want them dead
I'm fed up with all people
They just muck up my head

These people make me lose it
They really hurt my brain
But, please don't confuse it
With my being insane
Unrequited Love Oct 2014
Its so much easier to push someone away, than to let yourself become vulnerable.
To give them the power to hurt you.

Showing your true feelings is relinquishing all your power.

You're trusting them not to take advantage of your weaknesses.

And that, is an absolutely ridiculous notion.

Once weakness is spoted, it is used and abused, untill you are just a quivering mess lying on the floor, wondering how you ever let yourself get into such a situation.

I will not be:

I am strong, because people don't know the real me, and that's how its going to stay.
People don't care about anything but themselves
Q Sep 2014
In awe I splendor
at the reality of


— The End —