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Ally 1d
The girl opened her eyes.
She looked up.
Then she made a wish.

She wished to feel,
To see,
To breath.
She wished that life would become beautiful again.

From her point of view ,
The world was dead.
Dead or dying.

She wished that ,
People would be kinder.
That little girls would never know the same pain that plagues her at night.
The kind of pain that only occurs, when your heart has been trampled,
And your tears are dry.

She looked up at the stars,
And made a wish.
Eric 1d
You should never doubt how special you are to this world . Never pay mind to world's hurt . When your world is your own.  Let peace be within you , an you in peace . Let positive thought become positive energy. And give that freely to every energy you meet .
Kmary 1d
It’s funny how words have no meaning
until they are jumbled in just the right way,
pieced together perfectly;
hitting just the right spot.
I wish it was real
Someone who gets me
So effortlessly
Who reads into my soul
And feels every insecurity
And accepts the real me
**** hot
I like you a lot
Smart sass
What a great ***
You are deep and complex
Not like the others
Let’s go away
To a different time
I’ll explore
You be my *****
With the brains of more
Let me learn
Show you parts of this world
You never saw before
My view
Question everything true
I’ll show you
The truth
Let me take your hand
To never never land
Where it is just us
Ruffle your feathers stop being so square
Get out of your head
I want you to share
The deepest parts of you
Your desires
I promise I’ll make them true
My safety net
Let’s explore your pleasure
I promise I won’t hurt you
You cry,
I cry.
You laugh,
I laugh.
You hurt,
I hurt.
You love,
I love.
You hate,
I hate.
You leave,
I stay.
I love how we
feel for each other.
But what will
I do
when you are
Created in a storm,
The red most vivid,
The colour of love
Representing the deepest of pain,
The rapids in your mind,
None as beautiful as those of the ocean,
Getting deeper and deeper
Beyond the basic grit of the past,
Pulling times of discontent from every fabric of the memory,
Until you snap! like a simple branch
Silver the only glimmer in the dark
Colliding with the paleness of your skin,
Stained now by not only blothes of that colour of love but also those of hurt, fear and never ending pain.
Dylan 1d
There I was just sat and loaded
ready to be self-exploded
when a little birdie called me
he did not proceed to stall me
instead begged harm to befall me.
He was getting me so flustered
while his tiny wings just fluttered
he did not seem to receive
as I begged him to relieve me
of the pain, he would not cease me.
i once again begged him to go
but no weakness did he show
he had set off to just guilt me
and with torment, he had filled me
'til he convinced my gun to **** me.
With no confidence in relief
and the only thought in me grief
i decided to be exploded
with the gun that was still loaded
i pulled the trigger and then floated.
Ava 1d
The hurt may go away
but your memory will
forever rest in my soul.
you told me this secret is ours and all I could reply, in heavy shades of blue, was - secrets are sad and lonely, so maybe it is best to forget and not dwell too long. we don't want to become etched in time for all the wrong reasons.
Fearful and lost in the despair of time.

Debtful to most in this life of grime.

Hopeful and dishonest looking for some change.

When all this time the key to the cage were just letters on a page.

The will to fight, true discovery and insight. The power to finally view with clear sight.
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