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Keiya Tasire Sep 12
We may find ourselves blocked.
Unable to move forward.
Or we are standing still
As others seem to pass us by.

Lost dreams, lost hopes.
Lost loves, lost friends,
Lost parents, siblings and children.
Lost heart, Lost soul.

We may go forward. We may stop and await.
Who knows, for how long?

Others exit the shuttle, turn left
and we never see them again.
Some, I asked to never return.

Some stayed here
Some travel there.
Some walk on by.
Why do we not stand within stillness?

Do you know exactly what you want?
"Yum! Massaman curry with rice with spring rolls, please."

"# 11, your Massaman & spring rolls are ready!
Just how you like them."
"Oh, Thank you!!"

It came quickly!
The rain fell hard in my summer!
You can see them
Everyone in the storm.
Some moving to avoid it.
Others standing still.
A few preparing to leave.

Yet, those over there were not pleased.
And they just complain smuggly under their umbrella.

Delightfully I am no alone in the summer rain.
Talking happily with friends as we wait for the last shuttle ride Home.

Yet the wind continues to blow
And the rain continues to fall down to the ground.
Do I give into despair or take courage to persevere? 

Moving gracefully through the storm
With calm stillness
And yes, wonder
"What if I grab the silver lining
Will my life will be forever changed?"

As the storm continued
The fragrance of the wind
and the touch of the rain
Filled my senses!

Opening freely
My Spirit Danced in the Rain!
How my senses love
the spring, summer, fall and winter rains!!

It was at this moment
that the clouds parted
and the rainbow flowed over me.

Vibrational colors with haromny resonating
Lifting and returning the phi ratio
to each strand of my human DNA.

I feel the smile
Expressing itself in dance!
As an adventure of each rainy day!!
Oh, how I love to enjoy
Such sweetness in life!!!
Your Choices
We can see both sides of a challenge. It can be a problem we never get hold of or it can be a challenge to learn and growth through. we choose what it will be and if we will open to the lessons each presents. You see it is just a matter of perspective. It is our choices that make our burdens heavy or open us up to "The Sweetness of Life."
Leeann Aug 1
The summer rains
Bring nothing to me
but a content
I sit and gaze
Upon them, unfazed
and wonder what to think.
Morning has broken,
a borning worth mocken.
Warden Sun slurks
up, looking for all the world
l/ lastterm's teabag still on the kitchencounter
of student who spent her summerjob corporatively
Splendid morningsafter are Sky
Fawkes's housewarmings of no fixed abode,
but this mildew morning drizzturbs
sans amber clamour, dockwork
orange & aubade-bleed into poetic carparks.  

O aubergine azure!
Lumbers me w/ a langour impure.
Busman's holiday for Helios in Goshen,
unlike Lyartsander fullofwoe & Wednes-grey,
who would choose chota hazri
of vit.d, at least  
a monkey's
wedding, over yet another hyetal heist
of a perfectly fine day.
At chirruped shatter of Tirralira FM,
who was up in a haze
of coffee & tea, smuggled miracle days?

Begrudged continuous miracle, rife
w/ nice lives, but life's
not such a luckyfind, merely
the strife galling forth pluck that
binds lackies to cells
& latchkey legacies. Habitforming titration
to the tritical, the trivyelled
9-5 shadiness, 24/7 extinction,
our most unapish aspirations working their notices. Rats
sinking to the bottom of the ballast dew. Shagnasty
nescafelife, REALInotmycupofTY. Good
Morning Godot Depot Of Affoisted Dusthood!

FYI all jentacular pollyannas,
lastnight I watched a doc or 3 on ******'s pyjamas,
as well as a reality show on the morrisband
Then News
24 till 4.
Now scooze
me if some
seminal television starring Rowland
Rivron has got me allsentimental on being cynical:
TV listings tomoz promise small hours of cultural miracles.

Summer in the city should be
mongogenic as Mungo Jerry's
'Summer In The City'. It is in a way:
the glaw, it glaweth everyday.But
the sun still lit up a
mole l/ a fox - scintillatingly flinches Jupitertawn,
The Hyades stayedput,
so best return to stertor, study
a gaseous sleeperhold in the sandman's yoga class,
heuristically: carpe diem cras.

Pesky petitbourgeoisie
in their lobrid SUVs
transport portliness to transport
links, once sofas & fruitbowls
relinquish jingly
ignitors. Balance due to the diurnal toxins, the dismal poisons,
the regnant moral obscurity:
the outlook looks bright for those who'd like one
last great fireball
gig, globalised vespertine slagheap
of Kali Yuga. Endgame encore is ongoing
bomb of -yawn - sameold brandnew obnubilant morning.
Bella May 17
soft long wisps of light honey brown hair
caught in the wind, dance on the clouds
her soft closed lips, velvet-like sounds
the rain caught in summer air
and her legs sway to-and-fro
and her mind soars with the birds
and fence she sits on purrs
as the fuzzy melody flows
the flowers sway along to the tune
the grass; torn between emeralds and gold
May cries to her lovely sister June
the pond shakes when her foot brushes its mold
everything is whispering in tune
and though everything is new, it all feels old
hee hee :)
the petrichor
penetrating the heart's core
from the earth crust
When quenched, it's thirst
blended in the gust
of the summer breeze
yes! it's summer rain!

the petrichor,
wish I could devour
yet i savour!

the petrichor,
released by the nature joyfully
when the rain heals
the burns, soothingly!

the petrichor,
embracing me, like you???
Had first summer rains yesterday, a much awaited relief from sizzling summers...The bliss is beyond words, I soaked myself  before penning this....
Inked Quill Jul 2018
Your love
Sparse summer rain
Pouring warm
Drip drop
On my umbrella
Plop in mud
The leaves
The blooms
Vividly colored

— The End —