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Rhiannon Mar 17
I will not surrender,
To your judgemental eyes,
I've got a thousand people to meet,
Through stormy and clear skies.

Your vicious words mean nothing,
When there's just empty space to fill.
I've got love and I've got something,
You've got dust, nothing, nil.

Ignorant, this, that, whatever.
You know you're nothing fine.
When you've got your own insecurities,
How come you pick on mine?

Is common decency difficult?
Does it load air into your brain?
Congratulations *******!
You spout your **** again!
More people need to learn that it's easy to be kind.
Rhiannon Feb 22
I see no broken crowns in this castle.
Only pride placed too high and ignorance ignored by the meek.

To avoid break down, We go into hibernation.
A word and your energy is ****** low again.

So when people bring you a Kingdom, You become overwhelmed.
High and mighty,
The euphoria takes hold of your being.

Then you break.

A conscious decision was taken on your part, To ignore the obvious.

Now the serpents with venomous tongues stay close and the loving eyes of a puppy dog seem so distant.

So distant, That you start to run,
Rush your way out of here.

No fate can be worse than this.
Rhiannon Feb 8
It's always possible I find,
To try your best to be kind.

And if somebody among you is mean,
Do not fall down to their scene.

You're better than bitter resent,
Even if it's not how they meant.

Do not fall for their trick,
Dodge those nasty words quick!,

Because it's always possible I find,
To try your best to be kind.
Rhiannon Jan 30
Have you seen this new beginning?
The one of golden sun.
Daffodils for all your friends,
lets go have some fun.
Rhiannon Jan 24
The chief of vessels,
Here he lingers still,
gormless and ruthless,
guilty and ill.

The matriarch will protect you,
courageous and fair.
Swords may dive around and above too,
But she will not flinch, She will not care.

This omen is an old friend,
One we have learnt to disguise ourselves from,
Bonded by blood they may be,
But their blood is cursed and wrong.

A jester jumps entertaining us,
Distract yourself from historys doing,
Whilst the matriarch guards the doorway,
The chief is left to ruin.
Rhiannon Jan 14
This year we will prosper,
Be bright and ready to run.

Ahead towards fertile ideas,
Onwards towards the sun!
Rhiannon Nov 2018
It's hard to stress over little things,
Your opinions nothing new.
One hint of truth and snakes bite stings,
The world is bigger than you.
**** 'em.
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