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This song we sing is dissonant,
It's harsh but it's the truth,
Our blundering amazes me,
As obvious as a missing tooth.

I thought our friendship fruitful,
Even on this barren land,
But you then said you were sick of me,
The opposite of what I'd planned.

What used to be harmonious,
A tune that we could both play,
Soon became too jarring,
I didn't know what to say.

I cry because it was beautiful,
A lovely sweet-sounding hum,
Now ruined by the clash of cymbals,
We can't undo what we've done.
Rhiannon Jun 2020
Something is forming deep within you,
Your genes and blood involved,
Creation immanent upon contact,
A warning bared and foretold.

Sculpted in your image given,
A foreign voice and brand new start,
Painting not yet pondered on,
Worming it's way into your heart.

Sudden action caught in premise,
A mark forever sore,
Tiptoe round this crater softly,
Emergence abruptly tore.

Scattered thought leaves you in longing,
A handful of grief stains your skin,
Need to repent left unresolved,
Precaution stretched thin.

Ambivalence wrecks your perception,
Constant here and there,
To focus on 'What if' and 'Could've been',
Dwelling hardly seems fair.

Something was taken from deep within you,
Your genes and blood involved,
Creation destroyed upon contact,
A fortune left untold.
Rhiannon Jun 2020
I approach you with extreme caution,
Never knowing which way you'll turn.
Sometimes soothing and sweet like honey,
Others harsh and corroding, Acidic burn.

Mocking words you said in scorn,
I catch myself embarrassed again.
Both sides of you split and torn,
Are you my foe or my friend?

At arms length I'll keep my distance,
You can't manipulate me from far away,
Quick, You'll notice within an instance,
Ask me, 'What game I'd like to play'.

I approach you with extreme caution,
A memory here you yelled at me,
Standing back I assess the situation,
Then off I sprint like an animal free.
Rhiannon May 2020
You shouted words disastrously,
Sparks flying off your tongue.
But I had no words to serve you,
This burning wasn't fun.

Your viciousness got louder,
As I walked myself away.
I'm not here to feed your anger,
I have nothing left to say.

Your voice it seemed corrosive,
But with no reaction to meet,
I left you wincing awkwardly,
Your bile stinging your feet.
Don't let unreasonable people get to you.
Rhiannon May 2020
An unsettled feeling twists in my gut, as I think of everything I haven't done. Every ounce, fragile pound of weight set upon my bones, leaves me lethargic. There is more to my life than work. My friends are embodiments of love, that God or whoever made us, gave to ease our pain. I am caught in the joy of movement. The joy of travel. The idea that escapism is enough. But how do you escape your own brain? How do you escape your own body? This life is what you make of it. But I want to know what made me. Am I truly in control? Or is this all some sort of sick joke? My thoughts are made up of question marks. But question marks do not give me answers. And what if I get the answers I want but they don't settle right with me?

What if this life is made up of more than question marks?
Rhiannon May 2020
For vengeance is pointless,
Only strain, blood and tears.
It will not soothe your shaking,
It will not erase your fears.

This anger it is useless,
It will not open doors.
It will not warm you in the cold,
Or eradicate your flaws.

For justice is a differen't thing,
Compared to revenge at any cost.
One will heal you slowly,
The other will drown you in loss.
#Revenge isn't worh it #You were born for more than anger
Rhiannon May 2020
Should we head onwards towards our future?
Make the best of what we've got.

Or set our sights on new beginnings,
And face the ragnarok.
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