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Rhiannon Feb 2022
Never thought I would meet you there,
Right on the edge of the precipice of despair,
As I self-sabotage into ruin,
I know not to beg and not to wait,
Dread in my gut constantly brewing,
Hoping it doesn't turn into hate.
Rhiannon Feb 2022
Deep roots grounded into the earth,
A pragmatic way of being,
I've finally realised my worth,
And a horizon I am seeing.
Rhiannon Jan 2022
Adventure is on the horizon,  
It’s daunting but it’s there.  
Step by step we make our journey,
Being honest, open, and fair.  

Leaving our past behind us,  
Lessons learnt but finally done,
Onward towards new beginnings,  
Embracing the warmth of the sun.

A fools dance we do willingly,  
No shame in mistake or stumble,
Feet on the ground, we dust ourselves off,
Remaining courageous and humble.

Wisdom intertwined with new experiences,
We live life day by day
Carry on with foresight and realistic optimism,  
Like a child we continue to play.

Adventure is on the horizon,
It’s daunting but it’s there,
Step by step we make our journey,
With integrity, laughter, and care.
Rhiannon Nov 2021
Shall I state the obvious?
What you did really hurt,
Left me sat here worrying,
Kicked into the dirt.

My open soul an easy target,
For you to throw your knife,
Your laugh and smile ravaging,
My heart did cry and writhe.

Never thought it would be you,
The one source of my pain,
A wound already scabbed over,
Cut through once again.

****** hands and pearly smiles,
You can't fool everyone you meet,
Karmic cycle in denile,
This is not defeat.

Though you have said wounding words,
Left me bruised and gone astray,
I will not dwell in this disaster,
Collect my things and walk away.

Now I focus on new beginnings,
Gentle touch and warm amends,
You have taught me a valuable lesson,
Some people are not your friends.
Rhiannon Nov 2021
I started on my journey,
stumbling over jagged rocks,
They dug into my feet,
and got inside my socks.

Then I heard a seagull,
scream across the sky,
A warning I was feeling,
A horrendous, helpless cry.

Infront of me a Siren,
One with silky hair,
Put out her hand towards me,
Intensity in her stare.

I proceeded with caution,
Intuition shouting "It's wrong!",
But she was singing for me,
A delicious, enchanting song.

As I crawled towards her,
Offer laid out in her palm,
Her singing turned into screaming,
Talons scratching down my arm.

Behind me I heard a laughing,
That reverberated the earth,
Poseidon stormed out the ocean,
Bellowing a mighty curse.

Then again that seagull,
Screaming across the sky,
Swooping down to help me,
But getting sand in my eye.

Poseidon and the siren,
Between them shared a kiss,
Dug their hands into my abdomen,
pulling out my ribs.

Together they gnawed at them,
Consuming one by one,
As I watched in ****** agony,
Burning in the sun.
Rhiannon Oct 2021
Let go of distorted energy,
Of something that doesn't give back,
Charge your way through false beginnings,
Shield raised ready for attack.

Walk away from old behaviours,
They don't serve you anymore,
Think and choose your battles wisely,
There doesn't have to be a war.

Embrace the chaos of creation,
Never again operate out of fear,
Because life has no destination,
So embrace it while you're still here.
Rhiannon Oct 2021
I would like to extend an olive branch,
Clear the energy bright and new,
Let go of past doings,
A reconciliation between me and you.

The world of fear is ending,
A new one of abundance paves the path ahead,
We evolve, we learn and carry on,
Taking care where we tread.

Unblock your heart and let the light in,
You can't ignore it forever,
I believe the world is far more enjoyable,
When we experience it together.
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