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Sasha Sep 2015
All these cute ******* couples.
With their tumblr pictures and their radiating love.
All these ******* adorable young lovers with their innocent hearts,
Not even possibly being able to think about heart break.
Oh how they make my blood boil.
My taped up heart stands there, waiting to be torn down again,
While they kiss on camera.

My blood fizzles, My bones crack and My eyes ache for a lover.

My heart left empty, Lots of cute boys but none for me.

Those adorable ******* couples make me ache for a good heart break.
Antoinette G Sep 2015
I remember the first time I saw him
If I'd only knew then how he'd leave me feeling so grim
But I fell for his good looks and how he acted proper and prim
I thought he loved me just as much as I loved him
But he left me drowning when I thought we were going to swim

Left me alone in the dark
Took all of life's spark
When he told me he was leaving and I had no remark
And watched his back as he disembarked
on another journey with another girl
Leaving no part of me unmarked
No part of my heart unscared

I'll always remember him
He was my first crush
He was my first love
Andhe was the one who rendered
me useless to the world
But he has moved on
And so must I
With *Him
William A Poppen Aug 2015
There must be a next step --
all middle steps appear broken

Spit out like a used razor blade
sitting with *** cheeks
barely on stone steps
face burning beneath the acne
swelling across the cheek,
It must have been her pimples
why else would anyone reject her?
surpratik Jun 2015
girl of country forests
and dusty magical roads
and the calm on hurricane streets
a tint of pink
sitting on maroon carpets
turning pages of a novel dream

her pale hand on an age old paper
bleak ink and words,
pouring an ocean
with her dark brown eyes
penning thoughts
sending letters into the future

writes notes on sticky pads
in a library of broken hearts
where the rule is to stay quiet
to only scream inside
and just like the books she borrowed,
never let herself fall apart

lazy afternoon adventures
seeking rainbows and smiles
barefoot, feeling cold
on play dates with her dog
which apparently talks to her
when the boys in her school won't

now there could have been someone
who made her dream of a heaven somewhere
but he only took her to a really hot place
something 'hell' said a sign before the door
he let go of her hand, pushed her in
returned back and left her there

this was what she had to become
just like this lonely burning place,
she started within her a fire
a fire no one could douse
she burnt her dreams but never
the forest that grew behind her house

for in the forest, she had to burn
pages, words, letters to the boy
she wrote with bleeding ink
until she had burnt
all the dark memories of yesterday
and found her fiery smile in those flames

she couldn't sleep at night
while everyone dreams, her thoughts loom
spells on the poignant calm in the air
something magical, exciting about this darkness
and when she plays with her pretty dark hair
yet still it remains a lonely, desolate room

but even the night passes
a girl, now in love with sunrises
because even those are just the embers
from a burning sun, a million miles away
oh boy, she still loves a beautiful fire
and waits for a boy to burn in her desire

a girl who used to be the calm
has now become a storm
but she keeps reminding to herself
there are souls who still love art and light
so that's why even broken pieces, ashes and fires
can make a beautiful home
Silvia S Jun 2015
The time you'd spent for loving me was like petrichor. It hypnotized me, enchanted me, inspired me. It brought me serenity, bliss and rhapsody.

Yet, indeed, lasting was never an element of it.
Sasha Apr 2015
Please i’m begging you on my knees. Please stay. Please tell me you love me. Please hold me and tell me you will stay.
You had me wrapped around your little finger the minute you walked through that door. My friends warned me about you. “Don’t let him lure you in.” “He’s a ****** bag.” “He will break your heart.” “All he wants is you to feel pain.” I heard them as clear as glass but did I listen? Did I? No… Of course not. The signs were there. Your hair… Your hat… Your use of bad language… Your cocky grin when you looked at me… Your eyes when they stared me down… And you dragged me in. You charmed me with passion. You talked to me non stop. You would wink and lick your lips…
And I just smiled and fell into your trap. Then one day. After all the attempted conversations. You told me you didn't want me talking to you. I asked why and cussed at you. You told me I was immature. I told you I was fragile. You told me you werent. “Why do you take things so personally!”  your cold heart spoke to my broken heart. I spent my days thinking about you… My nights crying over you… “Its all about age and maturity” you said. “It’s still possible. It just will take time.” you whispered. “Wait a few years…” your hands snaked around my throat, “Just wait and see… Maybe we will be together soon…” you told me.
I am too young for you yet you are not too old for me. You let me into your world… I wanted to stay! Yet you shut the door on me…
My fingers hover over the keyboard. Your contact name accentuated by a little broken heart.

I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to long the sight of you in front of me anymore. No. I want you next to me. I want you close. Is that too much to ask for?!
I guess it is…
Maybe you are just afraid to love someone so innocent…? Maybe you don't want to break me…?
Will two years go by if I blink twice? Or do I have to click my heels three times?
I know the years will roll by and we might forget each other. I hope not. But at the same time I do… I want to forget the little things. The little memories. I want to forget how you made me feel. How I was happy and in love… I want to forget how you make me feel now… Broken and sad…
Why do I love you?! I don’t understand myself… I know i’m not your only… I know I will forever be your number two… But just know that you are my number one when I wish you were my number negative one…

You are the devil. I am an angel. And I fell for you. My self conscience has disowned me… She mocks me… But I am in love… And sadly, i'm in love with you…
K Balachandran Apr 2015
Desolate beach---
trudging alone,
an old memory
with a hook sharp,
pulls him backwards,
wobbly foot prints
on soggy sand--
instead of her petite feet
playfully filling each,
puddles appear,
the pools of tear
in her sad eyes,
at the moment
they parted for ever
without even a word.
D I A Mar 2015
I miss you
Your warm laugh,
glassy blue eyes
and sad, sad smile
That made it look like you were crying
Out of sight

Her heart beats for you
In pain
You who never noticed
Or cares to notice again.
Standing tall.

Her heart beats for you
Despite your coldness
Your emptiness
Your emotions' grave
It still beats.

She's dying.
We all are
The rose petals have fallen
A long time ago
My tears had fallen and dried
Moments after
Hers still fall
Forming seas
She slowly drowns
As her heart weakly beats
Straining in pain
Her body sick.

You still smile now
Your eyes a hardened gray
Diamonds rather than glass
Your joy is our pain
Not just us
but the world.
No matter how you try to push it behind you
You can't ignore the past
You have failed.

I hope you're happy.
I'm no longer missing...
Her heart's stopped beating...
Beating for you.

You shall be forgotten...
Black frost, the stars above you and a kiss goodbye.
Douglas Scheurn Feb 2015
As the day goes on, the worse I feel.... Is there something I did? Why does it always end so construed...... I can't even look into the mirror without falling into rage and despair, to ribbons of pain that intertwine and entangle my soul, my heart, just the bare fragments I still hold of myself.

These ribbons, these cords attach like an umbilical and ***** the life out of the remaining pieces.

My mind, the once bright lantern struggles and convulses against the shadows that emanate from my eyes.

These shades asphyxiate me...

If this is truly the end,
It at least brings me comfort
That there was a beginning...

Carpe Diem, my remaining wish.
My heart, Gone.
Joshua Vittachi Dec 2014
Shadows fall as light retreats
Away from all my heart I'll keep
In darkened corners may it hide
Till it lay still, my pain subside

But can shadows exist without the light?
Is our hope just hidden plight?

So guard your heart under lock and key
No pain, no hurt, nothing to feel.

Or leave it free to love and fall
Will you survive through it all?
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