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zelda rangel Apr 2022
Why am I never aggressive when I’m hungry for love?
I must admit, I am hungry for love.

To be loved is a different satisfaction,
but to love?
It is another realm.
Another hopeless dream.
another short poem
  Sep 2021 zelda rangel
Eshwara Prasad
Feed me your rage so that I can write sweet poetry about you in my heart that will make your heart sweet again.
  Sep 2021 zelda rangel
Eshwara Prasad
My mind is unsure whether it is the true mother of its thoughts or merely their surrogate?
  Sep 2021 zelda rangel
It is with every intention, that I vow to love you, until my last breaths.
Tell me,            
How can
Be so heavy?

Some days
The burden is lighter
A helping hand
Carries the weight
With a smile
Or maybe
I find a place
Where it would be safe
To leave it for a while

It always makes its way
Back into it's place
In the middle of me

  Aug 2021 zelda rangel
Akshi Hargoon
We all are unique magicians

From a painter to a nurse
To a poet that writes a verse
We create it in our own way
To brighten up somebody's day

We may all not have mind blowing tricks
Though our goodness still sticks
Our efforts never go unnoticed
And we don't make use of hypnosis

We all are created for a specific use
Each with our own personal muse
We all are unique magicians
And we will fulfill our missions
We all have a little magic
  Jul 2021 zelda rangel
A white lie is still a lie!
behind trivial reasoning
there always hides
an out right lie
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Note to self!
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