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Oh how I intend to love
so sweetly and true.

Yet, I struggle to give
to anyone but you.

For all I observe and scrawl
in these pages
are but momentary actions fueled by a lost
and lonely heart.

My wish, my intent
is to continue
to give to you.

Though the ways
they may change

Ne'er shall you be
Always Ally Sep 2018
Substantial are the ways to show love
To feel love and let it sink in
Let it run in the veins and tear through the heart

Touches now tattoos of memories
So sweet and lingering
So searing and painful

Greater than a God above
I worshiped you and gave in
Sewed together my pieces to once more be torn apart

I could always love you with ease
You who could never love me or anything
What love is this that leaves me empty but feeling full
Aflaha Apr 2018
Lie to me sweetly then

If the truth won't last

I still hate lies

But I was never so afraid of the truth
Äŧül Oct 2016
I thought that all my pains will go,
That was my selfish motive in love.

I never foresaw my health worsening,
Now my head aches more, sweetly, though.

I have her bouncing in my memories,
May be on my pure love she was bouncing.

I should have coated my love for protection,
Lest she entered a period of parturition.

I wanted to sacrifice myself more for her,
Less for myself in the game of love.

I never wanted her to turn rougue,
For I had sworn my loyalty to her.

I know not where this vertigo will take me,
Everything shakes so violently in my head.
HP Poem #1205
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —