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Jeff Lewis Mar 11
with its creaking door

it's not the hooting owl
across a cemetery

not dark of night

not goblins, ghouls, or ghosts

no specter haunts me.


that song
those places
times left to slip away
hurts that never heal
memories to forget
as if I could

Jeff Lewis Oct 2022
in the shallow end
of life
isn't really the safe option
Jeff Lewis Jun 2021
Blind men leading,
and the mute follow.
The future
stands wide open,
     if you have the right key.
Jeff Lewis Nov 2020
...that life is a blank canvas
after I've
pawned my paint and
for a bitter cup of coffee
and a bus pass.
hold on to your dreams
Jeff Lewis Jul 2020
I would banish all my ghosts
      banish all pain
            all shame
I would banish the night
      but then
             I might forget my name
Jeff Lewis Dec 2019


         float free

But the sky
                                    is clear and blue

Thwarted again.
Jeff Lewis Nov 2019
Rortle beans.
You've never had them.
But if you had,
You would know
They make you chortle.
Like a tortle on its back
Would never do
To you.
Poor tortle. (flip 'em over will ya)
Up too late
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