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Psychorange Oct 5
****** Range
Psych, Orange
****** Orange
Psych, you're Orange
Psych, you're an Orange Orange
Psych, you're a ****** Orange Orange
Psych, you're a ****** Orange Orange Orangutan in Range
(Does my acronym say I'm poor?)

From Halo to saying Hello to my Poetry pen, this is my name.

I relinquish my original for something more ****** and  Orange!

Immerse yourself in this color. My family doesn't get it, my friends are confused, my partner has to think, what about you?

Everyone has a pathology and could be psychopaths or psychos. But does everyone know that they are? Or are we all reasonable, happy, competent and good-natured people all at once?

Answer this question and ask no more, carry me to my grave because I need to keep writing more.
emily Oct 5
Always wear comfortable shoes
2. Always have a comfortable mattress
3. Go to the toilet when you have a choice
4. Always butter your toast into the corners
5. Remember to dance, always
6. 2 ears 1 mouth use them in that ratio
7. Happy wife, happy life
8. Opportunities of a lifetime only last for the lifetime of that opportunity
9. Only know how to have good days
10. Never let go of your friends hand
11. The best things of of live is on the other side of fear
s Oct 2
The corners of his eyes crinkle, as
his soft pink lips curve into a smile.
He laughs, and something shifts in me.
It feels like my heart swimming in honey.

I want to drink it.
Healer Sep 27
Why does it feels like I am the villian?
When all I do is choose myself over the burning world.
Jay Sep 20
Today is a day that I want to feel
Will you be the reason I do?

Tomorrow is a day I hope to feel
Will you be the reason I do?

And when I feel I am ready

to feel happy and love

for the rest our crazy existence

you will be the reason

I do.
I do.
vanessa marie Sep 24
I think I’m falling in love
Cant stop this feeling
Its like I’m in heaven above
Healer Sep 20
Reality is tearing through the pages of my life, smearing the ink of my dreams.
I'm not Anne Sep 20
Would it be ok
if I forget your face,
or your body
or your voice?

'cause when I see you,
when I touch you,
when I hear you,
I fall in love again.
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