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i let him kiss my boo boos
i got this idea from another poem
it was not until
i had that bottle in my hand
did i realize that i had subjected myself to a life without God
i did not realize the emptiness this life contained
or the pain left to fester
until i looked at my self in the mirror and nowhere could i see the Jesus in me.
i knew then that my choice to live with God
left open wounds and empty hearts in me
because i knew that His presence presents
in love and joy in me
and without Him i am nothing.
Shanna 1d
Alone is he
He is alone
Prone to danger
To danger is he prone
not afraid
just shivers

walk alone
to nowhere
where he roams?

make cocoon
not be cold
but not see moon

not afraid
just cold
so he walks alone
And shivers
a brief documentation of the cold inchworm
you undress my mind with your eyes
see behind the walls surrounding my thoughts
and caress my worries and pain
I told her I loved thee,
as much as she could see.
She thought I was sweet,
I told her she'd meet,
the happiest side of me!
shiv 2d
and I know words can’t describe
what I feel for you, but writing it out
is the only way I can handle it all
the paper is the chance to be known
and the pen is the voice I never had

words can’t describe what I lived
the **** of getting through it
or the heaven that was at the end
but it is enough for it to finally feel real
a nightingale sings
of wondrous things
like shiny bright strings
and wind on your wings
moonlight on water
mother and daughter
sweet smelling flowers
and sunny rain showers
of wondrous things
this nightingale sings
Such joy that it brings!
A gift to the Earth
That happiness birthed
I'm working on rhyme and structure.
By taking the risk of letting you go,
I have now gained everything
We know, but not enough.
We are happy, but not enough.
We are free, but not enough.
Humans have been trying for so long,
But I think we need to try a little harder.
Learning about this at school. Really smart, but really ******, if you ask me.
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