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CautiousRain Jul 23
If you lied
and he lied
and everyone's lying
then what am I doing here
listening to everything
when I could be damaging my ear hairs
another way?
rambles always

Some people call them
grey hairs.

I call them
stress highlights.

Hairs on my ears.
Hairs up my nose.
Hairs on my fingers.
Hairs on my toes.
I guess it's a sign.
I'm getting old!
Jon Thenes Sep 2018
Quiet night
no folly food
Just solitude ;
a chill scares up the hairs on my bare arm
Danish Zia Jul 2018
That Glowing Eyes Back To Black Rims, Those Big.
Round Fair Face With No Flaws.
Her Chin A Little Bend.
Long Hair, That Crimson Thread
To Her Waist.
Oh Silly Ol' Me,
She Isn't Mine.
Rəhman JA Feb 2018
She's happy now
But i'm dying everyday.
It's enough for me now
Seeing her happy,that's okay.

But i can't understand
Why she didn't accept my love?!
My love was bigger than mountains
My love was deeper than trechs
I loved her like a kid loving his mother

It's good to see her smiling
Although not to me.
It's bad to see me crying
Under this jasmine tree.

I don't know what i must to do
I just want to look her eyes
Till the end of my ******* life...
One day we'll be happy.I can see,these dark days will over and we can laugh from heart.
Rəhman JA Feb 2018
I want to be a winter wind
And walk between your hairs.
I want to be a rain drop
And touch to your face.
I want to be a bird
Can see you everywhere.
I want to be moonlight
Shining on your eyes every night.
I just want to be with you.

I want to be a pen
Write my endless love for you.
I want to be a star
Always be close to you.
I want to be love
And enter into your heart.
Nothing,only, i just,
I just want to be with you.
But i can't...
Rəhman JA Feb 2018
You can't understand me
If you're not fall in love.
You're actually not free
If you're fall in love.

Dreaming every dream every night
Want to hug her till end of my life.
She's my air,she's my light
I can end this pain with sharp knife.

I just want to comb her hairs
I just want to look her eyes
I just want to see her face
Every night
And with every morning light.

Why she refused all my love?
Why she broke my heart like dove?
Where the divine justice?
Who will answer for this?
Only the ones can understand who tasted the holy poison of Love.
Teri zulfon k chav mei
chamakta yeh chand sa chehra,

Aab isse jyada mai tujse aur kuch na keh raha.

Sunane ko bahut kuch hai
Par sun ne ko koi nahi.

Mana galti thi meri
Kya mai Maafi k layak hu nahi?

— The End —