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Bhill Aug 2020
before wanting there is learning
you must discover before you desire
are desires more significant
how do you gauge
is desire the fuel to all information
just asking for a friend...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 220
Do you have the answer?
Leal Knowone Sep 2017
Tears flow down her face.
Agony from recent past, she clings to like a drowning body floating at sea.
Useless debris.
There's a taste of  duality in all things.
A sorrow reality can bring.  
Though this is a mere moment in time it seems like it is everything. How does one gauge pain if it is something we hope not to be remembering?

She lets herself became jaded, a heart slowly turning to stone. Heading down a path she lets herself believe she knows.
She lets herself believe she knows all there is to know.
If she takes a wrong turn there could be more suffering, or more joy then she would have otherwise know.
Who really knows which way to go?
Silence Screamz Feb 2015
Stop and look at the few
Your eyes cast stares
toward the black and blue

Our shadows are the same bending on the wall
Creeping in the cracks
Whispers are your call

Lipstick red, double zero to the gauge
Snakebites shine
The world is my stage

Alternative is my way, let me only be
Close your ******* eyes
then turn around and leave

— The End —