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Bob Wax Oct 21
another day of taking my coffee
and making my breakfast

making sure to close the door softly
i sit down to reflect at long last

so much going on
am i ahead of behind
i dont know

picked up the pen to write
for the third time this week

thought it was all alright
but then i was unable to speak

sat alone for fifteen minutes
i wrote nothing down the entire time

clean up my mess walk inside diminished
it hurts when i cant read my mind

or eat my food
the breakfast was untouched

another thing i cant do
what am i to do
struggles, block, food, softly, bobwax2020
Bob Wax Oct 13
im scared cause im walking where ive never been before
everything is panicking on the inside
but im not heading for the door
the stride is brisk and we're both gasping for air

it's not a race we're in it together
now were sprinting like the hair
maybe it's for the better
you have legs for days or so you say
im keeing up but just bare

the pace settles as i get runners high
finally hitting my stride
wondering where have you been all my life
walking together we'll never collide
Bob Wax Oct 12
need to be more present
feels like im always escaping
dont want to grow up resenting
the person in the making

paying attention to the second
dont you ever miss it
im always caught guessing
time to commit then

puppy love i dont know how to feel
digging up new emotions
i know now this is real
no longer broken

but schedule me in
ill be in the waiting room
i cant believe you let me in
usually im left to assume
Bob Wax Sep 25
curse birds and their ability to fly
a life always on the move

they look down from up high
and im not saying this to be rude

but i want constant motion
even just a little

its a relentless devotion
that's stupidly trivial

and i need constant motion
maybe more than a little

its my relentless devotion
that's positively quizzical

not one to stop
not one to have it figured out

noelle walks in
Bob Wax Sep 25
no one cares what you do on your last day on earth
except everyone else left behind to carry the hurt

im not saying its a free pass to do evil
i only wish to do good onto people

so is passing away bittersweet?
happy for me and sad for thee?

or is that why we celebrate
we all knew along the way
that this was fate

each one is different
just a shade of memories

i cannot be insensitive
some are taken entirely to early

so does anyone truly care
what you do on your last day on earth?

embracing the next step of the cycle
as you enter a new birth

while everyone else is left
behind to carry the hurt

and im not saying its a free pass to do evil
i only want to do good unto people.

just something ive come to think on
as i drive through Kentucky feeling withdrawn
Bob Wax Sep 18
ya i say im mediating
but what a stranger would say

as they walk passing bi
was they were reading a book or two

and i couldnt exactly see what or by who
some little green book and a coffee too

the stranger is right and i read on
its secrets ancient and i hope to sip on

tapping into knowledge only the old knew

ya i say im mediating
and well a whole lot of contemplating too

about what was said last night
sometimes i wish i didnt speak

maybe thats why im reading the greeks
to understand the abstracts in life

and all the in between moments
deconstructing the greater design

anyways thanks for mediating with me
old poets
Bob Wax Sep 18
trying to think how im already ****** up
its just been one jim bean shot, whats up?

its just im working non stop no retreat
thinking back some days ago when i got some sleep

oh yea i aint eat but the one meal 3 days prior
and my sleep schedule is out of work needs to be hired

cause i clocked 4 hours just 3 days ago
back when i was clutching a pillow feeling alone

so desperate for it to work
maybe ill put in the work

and work is all i know
working til i pass out on the floor

missing exactly what
i was up the night before

working for
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