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Jun 12
See all things - gathered in one
The reign of joy has just begun
Gardens thrive in total peace
Harvests rich will never cease

The ancient fullness all restored
Plowshares made from every sword
Health and strength arise anew
Light and truth distill as dew

Kindness and compassion flow
Eye to eye we’ll see and know
Trials may come before this time
Just do your part, and I’ll do mine
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I'm looking forward to the time where peace will reign on earth, and everyone will enjoy safety and prosperity.

I personally DO believe in a literal 1000 year Millennium, but this poem is about the kindness, truth, and caring for each other that we can implement right now. Read the last line and join with me.

Feel the connection and love I've put into this poem. My nation (the United States) is going through a difficult time right now, as is the entire world. Every kind act matters, and will ripple out forever.
Christopher Westra
Written by
Christopher Westra  53/M/Utah
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