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Ellie Sutton Nov 2017
We all want to be liked
To have people see
The version of ourselves
We choose to be
And say, yeah
That's someone I admire
I aspire to be like
We all want someone
To look back on
The snapshots we've accrued
Over years of holidays,
***** nights,
And picture perfect food
And say, look
Here's someone who's got things sussed
We all want someone
To validate our lives
To comment that we're doing just fine
You're great
You're pretty
Your smart
Well, I guess that's a good start

We all want someone
To click that **** thumb
And validate the effort
Of keeping the mask on
Ellie Sutton Nov 2017
Fight or flight?
My body enquires
No, I laugh
I've just woken up

Do you need me now?
My body presses
No, I explain
I’m just off to work

I'm sure you need me
My body insists
No, I assure
I'm just with a friend

You must need a hand
My body decides
No! I argue
I'm just driving home

Don't ignore me forever
My body threatens
No? I whisper
I just want to relax

I'm here, I'm ready
My body compels
No! I cry
I just want to sleep

Good morning, sunshine
You look tired today
But, no fear
I'm here again

The shake of your fingers
The race of your heart
The blood pulsing, forcing
Itself through your veins
The quiver of your voice
The sickness in your stomach
The restlessness
I'm here again
I'm raring to go

Please, no, I beg
I'm just trying to live
Ellie Sutton Nov 2017
Veiled from the world the Queen did keep
A '*******' girl who cost her sleep
Though tethered down and kept from sight
Still she shone forth as purest light

A brazen heart (to match her hair)
Beat in the breast of 'maiden fair'
She fuelled her lusts for life with love
Of country, and of God above

She sought no spouse to guide, for she
Was wise enough for her country
As fire and ferver burned within
Ne'er a fool charmed his way in

Her sister, on her ravaged throne
Felt only fire for her betrothed
Yet failed to birth a princely son
And ruled and died in fear, undone

And thus, Bess ruled as Princes do
Absolute, and mightily too
And whether truth, or rumour stark
Purity did become her mark

For she who held her own did learn
By passion, one could easily burn
And thus she led, her heart beholden
To England; and their reign was golden
Ellie Sutton Nov 2017
The light lingers not,
Amber hues of autumn fade;
Winter encroaches.
Ellie Sutton Nov 2017
The tide is pushing
I fight back as best as my aching body allows
But the waves continue to crash
Swirl and smash around my beaten brain
The water wastes my senses
Disorientated, delusional
Gravity has lost all meaning
No up, no down, no direction
My body is ready to concede
To be freed to the whims of the waves and the tide
Don't help me. This will not subside.
I am done.

And when I've near lost all sense and sight
And the darkness is creeping, closing in
And when the tide has reached a new found height
And I'm losing, I'm lost, I cannot win

Then, once again, my Salvation is here
He pulls me firmly from the deadly waves
I hold him fast; he subsides my fear
My lifeboat, rescuer, the one who saves

He steers a true course, he makes a new way
A constant path through the blackest of sea
And all of a sudden, night turns to day;
I see clearly the waters around me

They thrash and they thrive, they chop and they churn
But I am above them, safe and secure
With my lifeboat, my guide, I once again learn:
With him I am safe; my Savior makes sure

So I will hold on to the promises you made,
As long as life endures, I know my lifeboat saves.
A reflection of psalm 61 :)

— The End —