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Ellie Sutton Apr 2022
How many day ones
Does it take to change a lightbulb?
Ellie Sutton Apr 2022
One day I will learn
To be as wise as the oak:
Rooted; grounded; still.
Ellie Sutton Feb 2022
'Lifeline' suggests that
Salvation is linear
How convoluted
Ellie Sutton Jan 2022
Curst be the wretch, and sure he's curst
That taught the Trade of Rhyming first
'Tis a ****' d Trade, and who pursues it,
I'll pass my word at last he rue's it
The above is an extract from a late seventeenth-century satirical ballad I stumbled across in the course of my research. It made me smile; I hope it does you! The title is the number of the ballad in the English Broadside Ballad Archive, an online database of seventeenth-century ballads, should you wish to read the entire piece yourself.
Ellie Sutton Dec 2021
Why do we think
That drink
Will cure our woes?
When evidence shows
That time and time again
It pushes us past
The brink
And into the realm
Of true pain:
With ***** at the helm
Despair rejoices
Ellie Sutton Sep 2021
Waking tired, but not sedated
And feeling calm, not agitated
Alarm's a gentle wake up call
And not a galling mental brawl

No regrets from the night before
No blackout I need to explore
Safe and sound and in control
The contents of my bag still whole

Hearing the birds, but not cursing
No pounding head in need of nursing
Seeing the sun, not trying to hide
But flinging the curtains open wide

Washing my hair without spacing
A steady heart, not one that's racing
Brushing my teeth without gagging
Getting ready, my feet not dragging

Pouring cereal into a bowl
Feeding my body and my soul
Fruit and juice pass through my lips
No cold pizza and leftover chips

Getting out the house with ease
Not scrambling round to find my keys
Leaving early, not running late
My brain able to operate
27 days sober and woke up feeling super positive. Had to write about it, to remind myself on the days I might feel less so :)
Ellie Sutton Sep 2021
I've never wanted
Something that burns my soul more.
Narcissistic *****.
Struggling today. Writing is therapy.
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