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Ellie Sutton May 6
I feel well.
I surprise myself with just how so,

Then, I forget
3 days of meds;

And the whole world turns black.
Ellie Sutton Feb 16
Where's the 'good'
In saying "good bye"
From afar?
Hearing of all that you were, and are
Through a pixelated screen
Tinny speakers
And an unstable internet stream

There's no 'good' in that 'bye'
So I'll save that sweet salutation
For when we meet again, my friend.
Ellie Sutton Jan 25
Only when
She wasn't enough
Did she realise
She would never be enough
And, for her,
That was quite enough.
Ellie Sutton Jan 25
I want to pound at
The closed door you stand behind
But my hands are bruised
Ellie Sutton Jan 25
Can you not see
I don't want to be
Just a line in a song that you sing
Of heartache, lies,
How love always dies,
And how none of it means anything.
Ellie Sutton Oct 2020
"I'm in control"
I pretend
I depend
On this lie
To get by
A mantra I say
Each day
To convince the world I'm okay

But I did it again.

I aspire
To be well and free
But this cursed desire
Intoxicates me
All encompassing
And then...
Just regret,
And the will to forget.

Oh, the irony:
Masks, everywhere.
Always been there.
Ellie Sutton Sep 2020
Do you
Tell all
The boys to smile too?
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