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McKenzie I Sep 2021
Deep in the backwoods of the Knoxville antique,
The black marble sky growls,
A panther,
To outsiders—those inside city limits—
The vanishing streetlights and,
Absence of neighbors,
May put them on extra alert but,
The panther’s like a friend
Watching over us

All day long me and my cousins,
For the whispers of night to cover us,
In the last few hours before Independence Day drifted
Off for another year,
We broke out the rockets:
Roman Candles,
Big and small,
The show was about to begin

Darting away,
From explosives right before launch,
Cracking up till
Our lungs hurt,
Bouncing on,
The backyard trampoline—
(I think I got punched in the eye that night
by accident)—
Playing with the border collie named Shadow,

We were frozen in a dream,
No person could break up this night,
Running without legs from parents’ rules,
And from mysterious police,
Hoping that Shadow wouldn’t go
Hurt someone

We were all—parents and cousins—
In the elixir of freedom,
Caught in the secret
The night and the countryside
Maelynn Jul 2020
The sky is bright with fireworks,
Splashes of color in the dark;
But Inside my brain it's black and white,
Clinical and stark.

I sit outside all evening
Till the crickets chirp no more,
And Sun is knocking lightly
On Moons shuttered door.

Out of the darkness and the shadow
Comes brightness and the day;
And I sit and think just maybe-
I might just be okay.
San-Pei Lee Jul 2019
Can you feel that day a year ago today
As if it was just yesterday
When hope and hopelessness both hung in the air
Like the breath held before fireworks burst into the night
The marvel of the glimmer for the seconds that the lights last
Then the disappointment after at the clear dark sky

But there must be something about us together
Both times there were supposed to be fireworks
Electricity hummed in the air
Because we don't need vanishing works of fire and light
When our hearts are already carrying them
My air above your earth making storms of magic lasting
San-Pei Lee Jul 2019
The United divided
Optimism can change progress
Justice matters
Make better and inspire
To be that dream
cassie marie Oct 2017
The way he laughs
The way he remains calm in tough situations
The way he holds me when I'm scared
The way he looks at me like I'm the only one in the room
The way he talks to me like he never wants to leave
This was a small reality.
A reality I had for a year
Then it happened
Whatever we had was gone
Like the autumn leaves
It disappeared
Our love was over
The fire we started burned out
It was gone
We didn't have the spark like the sparklers on the fourth of July
We didn't have it anymore
It was gone
It was all I could think about
This is abt a long term relationship ending oops
Orange letters
On a black screen
Speaking of danger
Hot and intense by nature
No small sparks
To light the way
Of children's to be
Favorite memories
The middle of summer
Begins to mean
Uncomfortable nights
And light shows
No more
Beautiful dancing
Or bond fires
Just the bittersweet memories
Of a different year
The joy of years past
Leaves you sitting on the hard floor
For no other reason
Than not seeing
Those stunning bits of fire
That lit up your childhood
Having them withheld
Has brought you to this
Tears running down your face
As the bombs crack around you
Recorded many years past
With the sound of others
Enjoying the sight
Your favorite part of the year
Yet you never knew how much
Such a small thing could mean
Until you're left
On the wrong side of the fence
Hand in hand
With a new one
Different than years past
Who wraps their arms around you
As the tears slide down your face
Reflecting fireworks not seen
Such a sad Fourth of July. So much has changed in a year.
Carolina P Jul 2015
My heart was a firecracker
And you had lit my fuse
Foolishly, I stepped too close to the sparks
And then I was blown apart by your flame
Nina McNally Jul 2015
For all the broken hearted,
Open your heart again, and to all who think no one
Understands, to all  the outcasts, lost ones, and anyone:
Reach out, there's someone who gets it,
There's someone for everyone and no one is truely alone.
Here in this very messed up world, I still see
HOPE all around me. It's
Out there, and anyone can take it. It's
Free and keeps you Positive.

Just thinking of Hope gives you power and
Understanding. We  need more peace and
Love in this world and it starts with
You. You can help change the future!
Stay Positive! Stay Strong!
McNally, Inc.
title and inspiration from Fall Out Boy.
I feel like this one speaks for itself.
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