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usagi Apr 27
My heart aches
But I can't tell if it aches cause it misses you
or because it misses me.
I've tried every remedy
usagi Apr 2
When the luminous parts of me shed light on the darkest parts of you; that scares you doesn't it?
So will you run? Or will you bask?
usagi Mar 28
You put a spout on your love and you decisively let it drip,
I am a waterfall of never ending flow to quench thy lips.
You and I are not the same
usagi Mar 25
why am I more afraid of losing you than I am of losing myself?
your loss, my gain
usagi Mar 24
I have been hurting her by forcing her to love in moderation
and accepting love in moderation
How could I have done that knowing that everything about her was intense
usagi Mar 24
you deserve the unconditional love you so freely give to others
usagi Mar 18
I'll take every piece of your heart into my hands; and I'll carry it no matter how heavy.
I'll remind you that all your pain and heartache makes you so very mighty.
I'm ready.
my love, you are so very mighty and I'll always be ready
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