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usagi Mar 31
A year ago, they said smile more; you'd be prettier.
A month ago, they said straighten your hair; you'll look more kept
A week ago they said put out your incense; it smells funny
Yesterday they said talk more; they'll like you so much better
Tomorrow they'll say, lighten your lip colour, its intimidating
Next week, you'll have to grow your hair long, they said its most desirable
Next month they'll tell you to be more caring; it'll make you a better woman
In a year, they'll say put your light out, it bothers our eyes.
usagi Mar 27
all you have to do is call me,
we can drive through the run down streets in our raggedy CRV
we can live and laugh and eat your favourite cheese, its brie

all you have to do is smile,
and i'll take wonderous clicks of sunsets and your beauty
or wear face masks to replenish your glowing skin, cutie

all you have to do is cry,
and i'll caste a spell and conjure whirlwinds until the pain subsides,
just till I see those happy brown eyes.

cause all you have to do is call me
usagi Mar 14
the walls are transparent, yet so thick.
Let. me .

I am muted,
and subdued.
Let me be

I was red,
now I am grey

Let. me.
usagi Feb 20
its as easy as pretending it never happened,
very well feeling as though its all thats happened.
usagi Jan 2
I've never conquered the sadness,
I've just learned to push her into a tiny space in my room
and I just continue to live.
I don't forget about her
and every now and then, I pay her a visit

Inevitably more often than I'd like.
usagi Jul 2019
I ached to feel the comfort of someone turning my pages
eager to read, cover to cover
agreeing in contentment
because I was enough
maybe even more than enough.
usagi Mar 2019
Leave me with nothing;
nothing but nostalgia that'll hurt so good
it'll pinch my chest
and send whirl winds through my stomach
yet I'll love it,
just like I loved you.
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