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Static crackling ecstatically; manic pop
Transistor hissing and spitting; sideboard atop
                                      First when there’s nothing…
                                      But a slow glowing dream…

Pirouette such as whirling dervish makes
Adolescent prancer twirls; leg warmer fakes
                                      All alone I have cried…
                                      Silent tears full of pride…

Breathless incantation; future forged in dance
Performance fascination; leap upon the chance
                                      What a feeling...
                                      Bein’s believing…

Neon flashes bedeck wrists and bonce
Peers laughter flash like fire; a ponce
                                      Take your passion…
                                      And make it happen…

The music shields, deflects. Antacid; taunts abate
Rhyhmic dreamer energized; blind to all the hate
                                      Pictures come alive…
                                      You can dance right through your life…

As Bergen-Belsen ghost yet still aware
Lost dreamer segues silently on fetid air
                                       Bruised and battered, I couldn’t tell what I felt…
                                       I am unrecognizable to myself…

Shuffling as garish Geisha; white but not with paint
Breathless as fifties bombshell; heaving sick and feint
                                      At night I could hear the blood in my veins…
                                      It was black and whispering as the rain…

With steel partner; straight firm and slim of hip
Rigid in rigor’d waltz; moving labouredly with drip
                                      I walked the avenue, ‘til my legs felt like stone…
                                      I heard the voices of friends, vanished and gone…

Faithless rusting engine combusts toxic blood
Failing sack of sinew lies where dancer stood
                                      Night has fallen, I’m lyin’ awake…
                                      I can feel myself fading away…

Monotone white noise; assuring beep
Dancer dreams in endless sleep
                                     There was a time when men were kind…
                                     There was a time when love was blind…

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness – 2018 – All rights reserved)


1. Flashdance… what a Feeling (1983 – Giorgio Moroder, Keith Forsey & Irene Cara)
2. The Streets of Philadelphia (1993 – Bruce Springsteen)
3. I Dreamed a Dream (Les Miserables – Claude Michel Schonberg, Herbert Kretzmer & Alain Boubil)
The difference 40 years can make in a *** dancers life....from dream to nightmare in the ***/AIDS crisis, inspired by the music and news of the 80's and 90's
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
and that's the end of it.
[the duality of us]
Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
I see a windmill in the distance
it's the sun in the wind
and Mars in the Sky
weighs like a string

I see the mill in a flash
and then black is nothing
and the water swims
and the water swims
by the flame

I'm going away
I take with me
the heart of
this world

Kewayne Wadley Jun 2018
And like my favorite song
You've been on my mind since I heard you.
Escalating into the next time I hear you.
Out of the blue into my life.
The rumble of thunder.
A silent lightening.
The way you strike.
That word like food with fondest memory.
Too soon.
Defenseless to sudden strike.
Everything around shook in heavy appetite.
The way you've come in my life.
Revisiting everywhere you've been.
Until I see you again.
Flashing into my life
Sharp and silent.
In unending storm
Amanda Jun 2018
Unknowingly, I waited years,
It took sixteen, but the fears
I grew with of not finding out
What love is I now go without.

Since I felt your simple affection
I appear alive, my life has direction,
You showed me with you I don't have to be afraid,
With your help I've finally unbuilt this barricade.

I have grown dependent upon your strong arms,
Feel incomplete without familiar charms,
What would I do if I didn't have your embrace?
Your touch impossible to replace.

Love changed my life in a flash,
So quickly it caused whiplash,
It knocked my heart off-track, askew,
Now I am whole, because of you.
We have two lungs, two arms, two legs, and two eyes but only one heart. Why? Because we are meant to find the other.
bakunawa Jun 2018
it was the longest walk of my life
          and the longest pauses
     with the longest argument with myself...
       long story short...
               i lost.
             so i'm dragging my leg
    step by step
       and i don't even need to open my eyes
                it's like
                   i'm so sure
   of whatever is in front of me
            and so sure
               i don't want
                  to see it.
                        ------or hear it
                        ------or feel it
               or be the first person
         to actually say it...
     that it's just a house
             and it's the longest time i felt
             standing still ever...
                   the porch is still there
                        but the scent of marijuana isn't
    and the garage
           still left open
       and the dent of my head
               still there on the rusty pick up.
                         and the tears mom left
                   i don't know but i smell it...
            it's the same house
               that it was yesterday
        but it's not the same...
                    all of the sudden
           allice charges toward me
           barking as energetic as ever
       and yet it feels
as if i'm not the same person
she licks on the cheek everyday
                   crackling leaves below me
             don't even crackle the same way...
       stepping on dried sticks and twigs
      don't even sound like they did yesterday      
it's like the house itself is telling me
            this is where i don't belong
    this is where i can't belong
         this is where i shouldn't be
                    yet i simply have to be
                 my grandma walked
                       even slower
                           today than ever...
                     "what happened"
                               she asked me----
                          and i honestly
                 want to sigh again
                          as deeply as i could
                    and just fall there.
                            ----deep breath----
               it feels like i don't
     even have to say it
                            the look on her face
                  feels like
       her heart is
                        already crumbling
                worse than
                           they did
            when she saw
             my dad
    and her dad
and mom's dad
                          on a coffin going home-----
        as if the same heart
       could rebreak so many times
                   i don't know
            how to stall anymore
   or if there are any
          other ways
                   to sugarcoat
                      a bitter pill
             slathered in mud
             soaked 10feet underwater
                        then buried 6 feet underground
                 "i'm sorry"
       she takes the words
             from my mouth
                      and wraps around me
          this solid warmth...
                so tangible
         so real
                     "you don't have to tell me."
    and then she whispers...
                    inaudible words----
           that smelled a lot
                  like mom's afternoon ****
and her morning omelette with coffee black
one batch
two batch
penny and
Jeff Gaines Jun 2018





You will be compelled to go to McDonald's ...
on this date and at any time.
As you step to the counter to place your order
you MUST speak only in rhyme!

You can order salads ...
a burger with cheese ...
breakfast or filet-o-fish
Choice of drink is surely yours ...
order any and all that you wish!

Just make certain
that ALL that you say ...
in the spirit of poets EVERYWHERE
comes out in a rhyming way!

Let's show them solidarity
Tell the world that we are here ...
with wisdom and harmony
finding love and facing fear.

I further compel you
to your language you must translate ...
this declaration so that all the poets in the world will know
to do this on this date.

Not just to show them our pride so fierce
and that it isn't just any rumor.
Let's show the world that poets are amazing
and even have senses of humor!

So ... Plot out your order
and what you will say.
Let's go and have fun with this.
Let's make it OUR day!

>>PLEASE<< read this to understand where this is coming from:

I hope everyone spreads this word and does this for ourselves and for our craft. It isn't so much about Temporal Fugue, he is just the inspiration for this. It is about us here at HP and ALL the poets in the world!

We may not share views, religions or styles.
BUT we DO share the most important thing of all ...


No matter the subject!

Imagine the news reports of these "flash mobs", if-you-will, showing up at McDonald's AROUND the world and ordering in RHYME!

Let's bring our love for others AND our craft to the WORLD!


Good Times INDEED!


Shadow Dragon May 2018
You are my mirror.
I see so much of
in your flesh.

Through your eyes
I feel your pain.
Through your veins
I feel your troubles.

Yet you are not
completely and utterly
because I am my own.

Through your touch
I know we are different.
Through your stare
I know we are not the same.

You may appear as my
But my darling
mirrors twist reality.
Megan Apr 2018
I tried to take a picture
Of everyday I was with you
I tried to take a picture
Of all the happiness you bring

I tried to take a picture
Of the flowers that you sent
The ones that were red
With that very strong scent

I tried to take a picture
Of the day that shined so bright
The way the sun radiated yellow
Giving us its light

I tried to take a picture
Of the nights by the lake
Where we sat in the blackened dark
Smoking getting baked

I tried to take a picture
Of the smile on my face
But I turned the camera around
To hide the clear but staining tears that raced

I tried to take a picture
Of the love around me,dear
But an uncompromising flash burnout
Causes me fear

I tried to take a picture
Of the happiness you bring
But what I captured
Was the truth and its sting
Mimi Apr 2018
time is a forever we hold for a second
blinking past us, gone
written november 2017
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