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Vinnie Brown Feb 20
I am attempting to find balance
The balance of all things
For I am an unbalanced man
But, for you I wish to balance the world
As Atlas I hope to be strong
Undeserving as I am
I dream of your love
If I've lost it
Or if I've just finally found I've always had it
Baby steps is what it takes
As I'm inching towards our future
On my tippy toes, hoping you'll help me along the way
Vinnie Brown Jan 25
January cold
Hearts soft like snow
My breath dances in the air
Sad and down
My own presence dictates the motive
Heart beat slow, but my pulse feels fast
The last time I felt like this
I wanted to disappear
And the world wouldn’t be the wiser
Vinnie Brown Oct 2020
Strawberry lips
And soft fingertips
How I hope to be the flakes
That land on your tongue
While it snows in October
Vinnie Brown Oct 2020
The shape of her naked curves
Casted against the wall
In the pure moonlight
Crashing waves whispering her to sleep
Sleep struggled murmurs
I'd rather be here than anywhere in the world
Even Everest and the deep black mass
For you are my Everest
My ocean of black
Further more
You are in essence
Life itself
Vinnie Brown Sep 2020
The salt crusted breeze
Creaking of the sea washed wood
As the sails billow in the wind
I saw it, the heart of the sea
Buried deep in the black mass
That is my tomb
Drowning in sins
Calling my name
Dying with light
Vinnie Brown Sep 2020
I guess I use to be afraid
Terrified I'd be what I dreaded
I'd be inadequate and forgetful
It's not that I want to die
Just maybe not waking up doesn't sound so bad
Better than driving myself into what I fear
Lest my son, becomes just like me
As, I become my father
You, my love a lone star in my cloudy nights
I hope it's not too late for me
I don't want to leave
But, I don't feel you want me to stay
I'm not sure what's wrong with me
And tonight the moon doesn't shine for me
While tomorrow the sun might not shine for me
Maybe, just maybe
The ocean will sing and dance with me
Vinnie Brown Aug 2020
Is death atonement?
My body like canvas
The scars restless ink
Fatherhood drenched in failure
Whiskey, pills, and the pale moon
Drift me off to sleep
For tomorrow beckons
And I’ll wait
To gather my heart
Piece by piece
Maybe she’ll help
Put it back together again
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