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HectorBrown Jun 1
They laid, together. Her soft hand producing a flood of brightness from his crotch. Her grey-green eyes echoed in his.
“I love you”
The soft sun glistened through his cornea, and was grated through her hair. His arm wrapping around her tightening waist. A simultaneous breath. The locking of lips, another wave of brightness. A phone call.
HectorBrown May 31
Her grass traced the curves, folds, and wrinkles of her form. Straining the muscles in her stomach she sat up. The low, restrained and deep orange sun shone over and through a light covering of leaves at the top of the border. Behind Emily, the very same light refracted and snapped through her stumbling glass window, sparkling onto the surrounding dew. To her left and right was nobody.
She could feel the vast gravity of her disproportioned and slanted ground underneath her as the Sun continued to stride bravely into the horizon. The darkness of the regular, square border would have been suffocating if she had been any closer. But she was central, completely equal.
japheth May 30
have to battle
everything that life
throws you.

better not to draw your sword,
better not to pull up your shield,
to put all of your defenses down.

because at the end of that battle
you’ll realize
it wasn’t yours to begin with.

you were in the playing field
but you were never part of it.
i havent been able to write anything recently. and i apologize for that.

here’s something i wrote a few days ago while i was trying to battle my anxiety and overthinking  self.

hope you all have a great week.
a rim
would whim
aloud with
hector but
the lore
made thIs
jeer there
with viscosity  
yet love
a diamond
with the
ailing spring
that spent
century then
with the
tailspin that
never won
a tiger
Uta May 26
And there she was, standing in an open field at night.
Full of fireflies, flying around her,
She was one of the most beautiful creatures,
Perfect like a rose,
Gentle as a raindrop falling of a leaf,
Dangerous as a stormy hurricane and,

Beautiful as a double rainbow.
Comment me your thoughts! <3
Rudy's idea
that trump
hush money
with character
witness in
a defamation
law suit
rescind the
amount in
question for
favorable glance
with Stormy's
****** this
question of
honesty no
longer applicable
in case.
A mayor on patrol counsel Trump
jonni inferno Mar 17
comprising several works -

Intro -     Seas of Tyme
Chapter - 1  Bent and Broken
Chapter - 2  In Sorrowe Wepte
Chapter - 3  Beyonde Alle Dreams
Chapter - 4  Thru Deepeste Nyghte

Seas of Tyme

'neathe starry skyes
warre doth rage
crosse the seas of tyme
yet there upon
this battle-fielde
two heartes

Chapter 1

Bent and Broken

he stumbles
'pon the rocky pathe
in armour
bent and brokenne
his journeye to
bryghte sylvarre-mere
lyfe's hoppe
'pon his shoulders

peeringe deep within
the sylvar-mere
he casts about
darke eyes
a starlit ebon sea
reflekt the meres'
great power

his burninge gaze
losst farre beyonde
these earthly planes
we ken
in darke despaire
forsakes him-selffe
lyfes hoppe
not yet

in anger rages
defiant hope
alle left
this man to gyffe
fromme ebon seas
his tears do flowe
an' pours his lyfe
into the mere

Chapter 2

In Sorrowe Weppte

she walkes alone
the moonelesse pathe
within herr shielde
of stonne
herr journeye to
darke shadowe-mere
herr brighteste hoppe

peeringe deepe within
darke watterse depthes
in searche
of alle lyfes hoppe
greene eyes
an oceanse soffte embrayce
the darke-meres power

herr burninge gayze
losste farre beyonde
these earthly planes
we ken
in darke despaire
reklaymes herr-selffe
lyfe's hoppe
keppte fromme herr stille

in sorrowe weppte
alle lyfes lasste hoppe
alle leffte
faire maide to gyffe
fromme emeralde seas
herr teares do flowwe
darke shadowe-mere...

Chapter 3

Beyonde Alle Dreams

starre-lit skye
herr sylvan voyce
in songe
is softlye raised
for alle lyfes
forsaken hoppe
for hoppe within despaire

when beyonde alle dreams
an' shattered realmze
faire maidens voyce
is hearde...

...her tears
falle softly
into these ebon depths
their sylvar lyghte
reflect within
the darkness of mine-selfe
i must responde
for lyfe
for love
for alle mine owne
lostte soulze

reachinge out within
these darkeste depthes
beyonde alle hoppes dezyre
her gentle touche
at once perceived
in this hour....

then fromme
the darke-mere's
surface rose
ten thousande soulze
once lostte
black swordze uphelde
in armoured fists
'pon steedes of ebon-lyghte

in silence watched
wi' somber awe
beside the roilinge mere
faire maiden broughte
unto herr feete
fell knights
before herr

in silente rayze
of dawninge lyghte
herr slyvan voyce 'tis raised
black swordze
on sylvarre shieldes
do crashe
in honor of herr daye

within ten thousand
sylvarre helmze
losste voices
lift in songe
to winne the lyghte
of dawne's laste daye
'pon the battlegrounde...

Chapter 4

Thru Deepeste Nyghte

theye ryde to warre
'pon sylvarre steedse
armour gleaminge
wi' sunnes' lasste raye

charginge fulle
'gainste nyghtes darke-lords
to wynne the lyghte
of dawnes bryghte raye

an' warre doth rage
thru deepeste nyghte
cross battle-fieldes
of bloode
foule daemons falle
'fore their myghte;
true heartes,
to meete the sunne

an' who woulde lyffe
musste see the dawne
an' feele the kisse
of sunne's bryghte raye...

- finis -

for Kristi Raye

i created chapter 1 & 3 to tie them all together -
perhaps i should not have...
u tell me
Walking in a field
found a flower or two
can't quite remember
lost in a daze that day
going through my thoughts
I wish I could remember
We're they red or blue
oh well it was a just a day
walking in a field
I'm sure I'll do it again
maybe next time
I will remember
red or blue

© Jennifer Delong 3/2018
Peace… Jessie 3/05

Standing in an amber field alone with my thoughts

Catching the faintest hint of autumn leaves carried on a southbound breeze

Looking up I feel the warmth of the mid-day’s sun beating down upon my face

I am a wick soaking up every detail of the day

I close my eyes and in my mind I see how things should be

I am no longer me but have become the experience of the moment

I am one of the million stalks of grain swaying in the gentle breeze

I could stand here all day engulfed in the solitude of natures hug

Here I feel welcome; here, there is no need to stand guard

The burden of maintaining the walls of protection can be eased

Here I want of nothing and I offer nothing

Here I am at peace  

Regenerating the mind, body and soul

Happy will be the day I don’t have to leave
Andrew Young Feb 9
Black trees and fields
Nature shrugs at the opulence of the city glow
The animals must see us as aliens
Landing on their world, taking it over

Why is it that
When I look out at the window; moving at great speed
I fear what lies within those trees and fields
The dark winter tree is a hooked claw

I am scared it will take me in
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