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Raven Feels Jun 10
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, exposure is not vulnerability---it's power:]

a choice made once upon a dusk

the crack of dawn made no return a back it rust

deniable liquor down the throat a burn

upon the disgust my stomach ached a churn

hideous is it you stupid arrogant selfish pry

or was it way too much of a pure ecstasy upon their eyes???

things the raven will never feel warmth existing

jealousy always a hunter in the thick air printing

violins or that of cellos or the whatever veins named

pianos that ought to break regret down my spine lonely hailed

Raven Feels Jun 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, can you feel drunk even if you never tasted liquor??<P

is it in the truth that I can't seem to swallow
those moments in my head printed lies unsolved hollows

will summer dream come verges to break on cars?
guess a future based on drunk hangovers melting drinks on bars

hunted lone less stuck on a stinking flush
bad burning proof of before that would be the death of this rush

Raven Feels May 17
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, colors can talk too;>

it is in that exquisite essence on the back

that shivering sensation the veins in my feels lack

hearts appeal for them beats to unite in one track

fine lined my life in one trace in one blind attack

paint my sight into a favorite color of winter black

                                                         ­                    ------ravenfeels
isabelle saloom Sep 2020
i hate that i see the good in you and that i let you back into my heart every time.
i hate that i can't love someone who loves me.
i hate that you need me and that i need you.
i hate you for using me and loving me
and using me again.
it's an endless cycle and i hate it.
i hate you because of how much i love you.
i hate you because you don't deserve my love.
i hate that i love you despite all of this,
and i hate being so full of hate.
Nylee Feb 2020
I know you don't like me
My heart thinks you do
Our heart syncs at beats
I am feeling it
The love is cruel

I see another reality
A beautiful fantasy
Listen to the music
It is romantic
You'd like it too

You live in your world
I sit close, but not that close
I hear your each breath
But you don't mine
Between us is fine line

It feels like we could be
And we would not
destiny would know
What we do not
So let's just be there
Jaxey Dec 2018
I never knew
If you gave me butterflies
Or just made my stomach hurt
Idk, here's a poem
Liam Wales Jul 2015
As a child I would willingly write, generally short stories about a superhero version of myself.  However, I was inspired to make the wrong choices.  Demons provided knowledge to sway me away from my first passions.  Reading and writing.  After meditating in my own thoughts, I have realised that what people see isn't the real me.  Is inspiration a negative feeling preventing people from displaying their true colours?

Reading and writing had only just commenced its slow arrival into my life.  This is one of my first pieces for at least a decade in which a teacher hasn't been glancing over my shoulder.  Anyway, let's get to the point.

Younger people normally see reading and writing as: lame, boring and uninteresting.  Even I hated it in school at some point in my life.  **** you literacy teacher.  Anyway, as writing is seen as "uncool" by other children.  I gave it up. Instead of writing, I tried adjusting to the trend of football.  I bought many packs of football stickers that I could.  It was the craze.  But it wasn't me.

When I think about it, there is a fine line between inspiration and trying to fit in.  Without reading between the lines, I just wanted to be seen as "cool" by my classmates.  But, you can see it as inspiration.  I was inspired by my classmates, I wanted to be like them.  Our brains have a system which gives us a desire to be popular.  Or maybe it's just me.

Inspiration will have had a negative affect on you at some point.  A basic, problematic topic is smokers.  Whoever becomes addicted to the cancer stick will give similar reasons for starting.  "It helps me cope with stress", the classic acronym "YOLO" and finally, "everybody else is doing it."  Once again we are faced with the fine line.  

Throughout life, the human race has faced demons.  Famous artist Van Gogh faced an alcoholic demon throughout his career.  Smokers use the phrase, "everybody else is doing it."  At first glance, it may seem that they're doing it to fit in with popular groups.  Or do they think it looks "cool".  Have other people inspired them to do it?

The basic life process of growing up has allowed me to see that I have lost my routes.  That what my friends and family see me as is not the real me.  I have one thing to say to you to conclude.  Find yourself, lose yourself, remember yourself, be yourself.
ShitHead Jun 2015
Loving you
Was the worst mistake I ever made
Along with believing you
When you said you loved me too
Because you're a ******* crazy mess
And you only love yourself

I treated you like gold
You treated me like a cigarette; just used me and threw me away
I called you princess
You made me cry myself to sleep
You broke me into a million pieces
And then acted like the victim

I loved you more than myself
But you treated your dogs better than me
I did everything for you
You lied to me and wouldn't see me; not even on my birthday
Then yelled at me and cried when I didn't want to talk to you

And after all this
And so, so much more
You wonder why I hate you? You expect me to forgive you AGAIN?
You say you've changed but you said that last time and the time before
You say you love me, but you're a ******* liar
You only love yourself

— The End —