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little lion Jun 28
I had hoped you'd grow fonder,
but instead you've gone farther away.

I wish you'd come back to me.
I miss what we could have been.
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
My joints dance under my skin
Grating against each other
Until I am aching
The pain howls and clings to my legs
I can feel it swinging and diving along my nerves
Limping, I keep walking forward
And watch as my destination
Becomes farther and farther away
These years hang on me
And I carry the baggage upon my back
Soon, I know I will have to let go
Let every issue fall to the floor
Or they will dig me a grave
And I will slowly drown in the pain
E Townsend Nov 2016
I am alive and I am terrified.
Why does the future have to be
this question mark, this puddle of murkiness
wagging its finger to beg you to come

Darkness lurches above me in
halos circling brightly, making no sense

I can see you, Future
I can see everything I want to see
but the waters won’t clear, the question mark
won’t turn into an exclamation point,

and you make me travel down the path
into the unknown.
Shaylie Pryer Apr 2016
He, was always well composed,
what a father should be.
And she, plastered a smile day to day thinking next of what could be,
but it was always just a thought never acted.
The world sees what you want it to see,
how foolish of them,
how foolish of me.
But as a child you also see what you want to see, when the people you love the most hide behind a veil of protection,
Until that veil shatters.
And you are ****** into a world of unknown called adulthood,
you see the bruises, the letters, the threats of violence,
you remember his face,
but now behind his eyes it wasn't love that you saw,
it was possession.
The smile that you loved on your mother was to keep the tears at bay,
and the nightmares you had of her crying and begging were alive because they were right outside your door.

Now left to pick up the pieces,
there is a girl left abandoned,
a farther who hurt because he never loved,
a mother who still says “what if”,
and a facade unravelled.
Meteo Mar 2016
You are the regret in my cigarette which makes mortality sweet

the rhythm of traffic lights dancing nights while my city sleeps

the step off a precipice when I'm in too deep

a plane crash our tickets in the trash

the waking echo of a dream

a whisper in the microphone in crowded rooms

a new appetite to keep me alive

a new limb to touch the world

a farther home which gives worth to the road...

and 9 am's collecting yesterday.
For Mei.
Àŧùl Oct 2015
She is my dream angel,
From each & every angle.

She is my dreamy fantasy,
From a dream so fantastic.

She is my sweet lover,
From the height she never lets us go lower.

Yes, she takes us Higher & Farther,

Knightly I feel,
Rightly I know,
I will be great,
Paradise clinched,
Inch by inch.

I know problems.

Louder is the love,
On both my ears,
Veils my tears,
Expressing it she comes.

Yes, she brings me joy,
On my lips she sits as a smile,
Under my nose I can feel her.
My HP Poem #904
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl Mar 2015
If it ceases raining then all will be barren.

Lonelier ever will these farms be,
Oneness never occuring again,
Voracious dry winds will blow,
Even ******* up moisture in air.

Yesterday was so beautiful together,
Oh can't we grow old holding hands,
Understanding love is difficult from far.

Should we not persevere that bit,
Or should this Atul wander lonely?

May you surely meet solace in success,
Understanding your ambition better,
Certainly I'll be standing with you,
H**igher & farther should you aim.
My HP Poem #792
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —