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E Townsend Nov 2016
I am alive and I am terrified.
Why does the future have to be
this question mark, this puddle of murkiness
wagging its finger to beg you to come

Darkness lurches above me in
halos circling brightly, making no sense

I can see you, Future
I can see everything I want to see
but the waters won’t clear, the question mark
won’t turn into an exclamation point,

and you make me travel down the path
into the unknown.
gray rain May 2016

**if exclamation
marks  put
on   the
word or

it ?
o Nov 2015
pain is too many exclamation points -
some kind of overcompensation for the sober realization that we need to be happy,
but aren't

pain is burnt toast, but not in the good way;
like the way that it sits on your tongue
Makes your mouth taste like metal,
makes your words feel like crumbs
waiting to be swept away

today, I laughed too much, so by 3 o' clock I had no smiles left in me
They have gone like I have gone to sleep
waiting for some alarm to sing
to ring with something like hope
something to cut the rope, the knots
my stomach ties when I don't notice
Pain is knowing that you know this
will hurt
and knowing is half the battle.

But knowing is...half the battle
The rest of the war is dealing with more
exclamation points than you wanted
more mornings without alarms

more meals
of only crumbs.
another spoken poem i've been meaning to post somewhere, haven't recorded it but it's an idea that's been in my head a long time.
Casey James Dunn May 2014
Sleep depravation leads to many fun things,
Like commas,
And sea dragons,
And low self esteem,

Being happy leads to several exciting things!
Like exclamation marks!
And dolphins!
And a sexually transmitted disease!

Anger leads to lots of frustrating things.
Like periods.
And humans.
And bullets handed out for free.

So with all these great feelings, creating such magic!
How in the world could life be so tragic.

— The End —