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Meteo Oct 8
there is a way about you / which /
last night turned the sky into traffic lights / drunken poets trying to make it home to you / if you move metal fast enough / it behaves just like paper

daedalus built wings out of feathers /
from the pillows his child dreamt of flying / but no one blames the bird for it's youth

the night cried when I read the sky as traffic signs / their tears washed my windshield of itself / broke my eyes and showed me home

I never blamed you for not finding the words / because I always believed you wanted to say them / instead / you gave me pens and pages to cradle a voice that you knew had died

you plant seeds then act surprised when they grow / and cast your sails to the winds not caring where they go / you start fires to watch them die and wonder why its gotten this cold

mourning smoke is the shadow of a ghost / an empty bottle it's echo / walking out in to the rain / under a sky painted with signs too far to reach
Meteo Jul 14
You and me, babe

We used to laugh at the world...

And then we became each other's world...

And now, you laugh at me.
Meteo Dec 2018
You can tell that the ocean loves the sky for the sunrises they have raised together.
Meteo Dec 2018

I cannot


until I


Meteo Jun 2018
Beware the World;

          Be the World

     Wear the World
Meteo Apr 2018
Don't tell Elon Musk,


You can power a starship with her smile.
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