Meteo 7d
she was a painted umbrella
beside a waterfall
she spoke her name
that way butterflies sneeze
in consequences we are subjected to
beyond our reach

i said, i promise...
she said, that doesn't work
not where we live,
not here.
we lived on a mountain
of how voices decay off
concrete walls

she asked if she could take up rent
in the spaces between my bones
i told her, she could stay there for free

so we bathed each other in the ocean
to spite the stars and taught them how to dance
whatever fate they whispered our way
our stubbornness we whispered back

still, there were mornings she would stay up
watching birds playing sunrise
wishing, what she wouldn't give
to trade their feathers for her skin
to be weightless, to be moving

and nights i would watch moon suspended free
mocking the trees branches
for trying to reach her
Meteo Dec 6

I cannot


until I


Meteo Nov 12
I am the mad and the broken
I pull into random superstore parking lots and **** up my alignment

I search for medication to give me insomnia so I can breathe another day

if I die on the road
it forgives for being the accident I was born to be

The city
or the highway cries the same tears
gets faded in the snow
for those who were reckless
whose feet never got there, yet
knew in their heart where always to go

You live long enough
then it matters not where you rest your head, discombobulated
or in your own bed
Meteo Jun 2
Beware the World;

          Be the World

     Wear the World
Meteo Apr 10
Don't tell Elon Musk,


You can power a starship with her smile.
Meteo Mar 20
giving you what i am,


         -makes me empty, or

         -makes me home
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