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Lyla Aug 14
The sky’s there when I look down
When I look up, I see a garden sprouting beneath my feet
I close my eyes
To see what’s real
Because when my eyes open
I see right as left
Left as right
The sea’s pulled by the sun
And the night is day
I wake up to a glowing moon
Sleep to a rising sun
North is south
East is west
How can I
Find what it means
To go the right way
When right is wrong
I’m forever lost in this messed up world
Or am I found
Lyla Jul 31
I’m 16. That’s a small number but I’ve lived. I’ve learned a lot and I still have more to learn, but so far in my life I’ve learned life is too short. Life is too short to not say what you mean. Life is too short to not tell the people you love that you love them. Life is too short to not cherish your loved ones. Life is too short to say quick goodbyes. Life is too short to lean instead of hug. Hug, please. Even if you haven’t seen a distant cousin in 10 years, give them a proper hug hello and goodbye because you never know when you’ll see them again. Try to understand those in your life, understand that their lives are as complex as yours. Listen, talk, meaningfully. Make sure your words are yours and not a character you’ve created because life is too short for that *******. Laugh a lot. Enjoy those moments where you can’t stop laughing, take a moment to soak them in because they can end in an instant. You never know when you are going to need that happy moment again. And when you need those happy moments and life is harder than words can express, understand that it ***** and it’s okay to feel that. But share your share of suckage with someone and hopefully they’ll share theirs and it will **** a little less. Live. - From a 16 year old girl trying to honor lives lived
Give somebody a real big hug today-not a lean
Lyla Jul 19
I don’t really like my poetry
I often write when thoughts pop into my mind
Thoughts I can’t let dissipate
And float away like a passing breeze
The thoughts I poetize are
Strong winds
Pushing back - again and again
Forcing me to write

I don’t like these winds
These winds form my poetry
Into something
Not me

Too literal
The winds scream into my ears
As I write
After line
I don’t like my poetry
I wouldn’t even consider this a poem, just a thought *****
Lyla Jul 16
Are you up there?
I like to think
You’re there
In some heavenly abyss
A paradise - away from those you love
A paradise? Still

You all must
Up there
Looking down on those you love

Sometimes you escape your secluded abyss
And enter mine
When my body is paralyzed from my world
No longer yours
For a moment not mine
For a moment we remain

Or did my secluded abyss create you
A way to survive
But then
I don’t know where you ARE
You can’t be gone

I know
Your gone from my world
Please don’t be gone
From yours.
Lyla Jul 4
Do you ever
You’re alive

The whole world is before you
Do you ever smile when you see rain
When your dog rolls around in the grass
Even when the skies are grey
They’re beautiful
Does music ever sound
Happy is kinda great

Just remember to capture
This energy
It will
But that’s life
Peaks and valleys
Without valleys
You would take the peaks for granted
So enjoy the journey
I’m happy right now...I think. If your not, go outside it will make you happier even just looking out your window. :)
Lyla Jun 26
I remember when
I saw you everyday
I couldn’t imagine
A world without you
In it

I remember when
You started to fade
Out of my life
How we grasped
Each other
As our lives
Depended on it
At every goodbye

But now we just
Say hello
Wave goodbye
What we left behind

Flashes of the past
Come to seize
Excited by the surprise

Then as quick as it came
It fades
And all you can hear
Is a whisper of a
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