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Poetic T Apr 2018
I want to reboot my life,
           to clear the files of

                    wrong decisions.

My mainframe of thought
            still has echoes
of deleted files.
Nothing is really rebooted.

I'll keep deleting those files
        till the time there just
            as echoes can be heard
      but obscurity eventually fades.
Danielle Feb 2017
that you came to me
in the late hours for comfort
it means more than I can express

I guess that makes me pretty pathetic
more or less
I know what I am and
I am insecure
Cold snow down my pants
another snowball fight defeat
a good reason to wrestle
with you naked
after some cocoa and some ***
while the death march
plays on TV
like an unending blizzard
that buries us all
with fallen ice palaces
and icicle spires
which pierce us
as they fall
before it all fades
to white
On the Occasion of the Trump win and GOP majority along with confirmed Nazis in the Cabinet.
Poetic T Nov 2016
life is a fragment of thought that we live within
                             and when that moment fades
             so does the sight of our being.
Leticia JL Sims Jul 2016
feelings fade
everything fades
scars fade
graffiti fades
everything seems to fade
but everything seems to also stay the same.
Feelings still seem to be there at least a trace
Sometimes the heart still beats fast
You try to replace the feeling of love with hate but still love
everything may go away but there are still traces
Graffiti seems to go away
You may not see it but it left a mark and is really truly still there
Everything seems to fade
but is truly still there.

I just started writing poems so if you guys have any advice please tell me .. I'm not the best and I also **** at grammar and stuff and i'm just kinda putting words together that sound good and come from my heart.
Alienpoet Jul 2016
In the graveyard chapel
With the candle wicks nearly extinguished
Was a black dog who guards the grave of his master
Who's bond to this world is relinquished

Old bones sit in the mausoleum near by
Do the dead ever come back to the land of the living?
Sometimes the dog barks at seemingly nothing
But on Samhain when the divide between the dead and living is so thin
The ghosts of the deceased inhabit their homes again

The faint murmurs of voices heard a long time ago
The dog barks and the ghost light glows
People never seem to believe
Deceived by their own scientific nature
But if you stare into the mirror at Samhain
You can see the image of those who have passed

Maybe heaven or hell is not enough for these spirits to fit in?
Long forgotten souls their grave stones unwritten by time
Eroded away like the decaying of time
Youths flower fades into dust...
Keren Jul 2016
Maybe you loved me like a sunflower
But just how a sunflower withered
Your love, too, has faded away.
I wish I can get over you.
Steph Dionisio Jul 2015
The strings
the way I pluck it
gives extra strength
to my soul.
The notes
I try to read
drives my thirst
The lyrics
I write in a paper
expresses every single
The music
I hear and I make
mends shattered


The passion
I have
and truly love
seems fading.
The comparison
I get from others
is breaking every
The people
who are showing that
I am no good
made my paper empty.
scrapes the willing
and hoping

*-Steph Dionisio, July 26, 2015
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