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cammie Apr 2019
young souls having
innocent conversations.
meeting due to random chance
some odd years ago.

i've always felt there was
something mysterious to us meeting.
an interesting circumstance,
a rare occurrence.

a joke here,
some flirting there.
never expected anything
to lead to this.

a moment in time,
shaky hands typing.
deep breaths,
in and out.

a message is sent
and my hopes rise.
all fear leaves, when you reveal
you have the same feelings inside.

some time has passed,
changes have happened.
some for the worst,
some for the best.

regardless of what's happened,
we've been together.
guess you can say
we stand the test.

i know i've grown
by your side.
and i hope
you have too.

you saved me from
the darkest form of myself.
and i know i've done
the same to you.

don't think too much
about the past, though.
instead, let's look forward

i have a good feeling
about everything.
and i'm incredibly happy
to have you by my side.

long story short,
here's to a year.
you have my heart,
and i love you, dear.
here's to you, my love
cammie Mar 2019
shrieks from the fallen ones
haunt your memories
faces slowly fading away
as the time rushes by

yet everything seems paused
moving along in slow motion
watching everyone else live their lives
smiling, laughing, enjoying their time

while you sit back and wonder
what happened here
why me, why us
things could have been better, different

how have i managed to survive
can’t believe i made it this far
i had your help
and now i have nothing

the silence stings
but the emptiness hurts the most
cupboards left open
couch cushions askew

stains on the carpet
hard to accept the fact
that bang bang bang
that slash slash slash

has now led to you all

i’m sorry
cammie Mar 2019
i'll stay by your side no matter what
you can get deathly ill
or hate my existence
i'll still be here

i will always support you
from your hobbies
to your career
you'll get nothing but support from me

happiness is something you deserve
and i swear i will try my best
to make sure you're doing okay
and having a good day

i won't leave unless you say so
you're stuck with me
and i with you
we're in this together

— The End —