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Jan 2023

Imprinted   in to the  fleshwall-
linings   of my very spirit
resides a photo of you--

(staring at your computer screen)
      with a genuine look  of shock  
        and disbelief..

..And before I could even yell Sam
I was receiving     by you
the most horrendous,  publicly displayed
****-kick  I  have  ever  received.

It only stayed out there for a short time
but online, a "short time"  
   exactly as an eternity;

       So I pulled back  in self protection.

I had been dickin'-around  out there
in a whole 'nother poetic-realm..
playfully finding words and verse  comparing
my wildly-passionate virility

    to that of a well-honed precision,
    high powered performance engine

And two clear babes  showed up  in the comments
   and let me know
how impressed and affected they were
by what it was they were reading.

   So naturally,  me being a single man..
         I responded.
    I never knew them before, or ever saw them after.
    End of story.


Young,  beautifu­l Wildling--
I never knew you even gave two ficks and a ****..

Until I saw that picture  of you..
staring into your computer screen
in raw,  disbelief--

      ...the wind,  fully knocked out of your sails.

So..  clearly you buried yourself
in  multiple two-fingered  snorts
of your favourite "spurned lover's"  little helper happy-juice..
and once you reached   the intended goal

     of full-blown,  *******--

You performed some of the most Machiavellian-****
I have ever seen in my life.  

           (But it fell short of its  intended goal.)

Nothing can remove you  from the love  of you
                                        that I feel in my heart.

What you thought was destroyed,
was immediately forgiven
   Solely because of that picture  of you
   that is now,  forever mine.  Solely.

   There is a dream,  beautiful girl

   ..And nothing  you can do  
                  can make it end.
                  (The restoring of you   back to you
                  is such a central part of that dream.)

    The restoring of you, young beautiful..       You.


    Shhh....   listen..
Put on the dress in which you were married,
pull down the veil from where your eyes are hid.

Can you remember where we both came from.
    Let us do as we did--

Look at tomorrow, today
Making tomorrow, today
Make tomorrow, make tomorrow,  make tomorrow today.

Put back the photo  under the window.
Put down the 'phone that you hold in your hand.

Put away these things  that stand in between us,

          And let us be what we can.

When it seems, hopeless
When it seems, hopeless..

Make tomorrow, make tomorrow, make tomorrow, today.

What better measure of what you were doing here
    Than what you can leave behind..

All the children of your children's children,
Do you ever think what they're going to find?

Make tomorrow, make tomorrow..
Where the sacred meet the scared.

Make tomorrow, make tomorrow.
Where the dreamer's dream is dared.

In each one of us,  a dream can burn like the sun.
Let's try it all one more time  to get this lesson learned.
                         .      .      .      .

Sitting up in a spaceship.
Looking down at the earth.
You wonder what they're struggling for..
What's it all really worth

Making tomorrow today
Making tomorrow today
Make tomorrow..   make tomorrow.
You have been worth every single moment

            ..Every  single  one.
F Unting  Charlie Kilo
Written by
F Unting Charlie Kilo  حفظك الله ❤
(حفظك الله ❤)   
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