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Carmen Jane Sep 2019
Swaying with the wind,
It got the branch you held so tight
Spooled around your arm
You grabbed the nearest branch
When you weren't ready to fall.
Now, you look confused
It's been years
And you're hanging like that.
Bored by routines
Being at the mercy
Of traveling birds
When they want to say hello…
You can always grab another branch
Or you could just let go
You're ready to fall
You just  know
You'll land on your two feet
'Cause enough is enough.
Janine Jacobs Sep 2019
We screamed to be heard, marched to express our rage. To bleed with our fallen sisters, for I am her, and she is me. We all lived each other’s suffering.

The dust has settled now, quiet returned.
Yet I still can’t breath. I am still not safe.

I cry silently for my country. I no longer connect to her. My love and pride is only filled with disappointment. She has left me sad, and empty and afraid.

My son asked me, “Why do you refer to South Africa as a she?” I look at him dumbstruck, he continues, “Perhaps SHE has always been a HE!”

This realization is hard to swallow.
This... scares me half to death.
Maia May 2019
You think it doesn’t matter
Maybe I should just shut up and mind my own business
Leave your eyes to stare daggers
And your slippery tongue to burn castles

I’m not apologizing
For fighting back  
As you cut apart and dissect
Life into *** and breast,
Measuring beauty on a scale you’ve created out of blood
And buying worth out of bone you pulled from our spines.

How much do we have to give
For our voices to be heard,
Cause you best believe
We’ll give it all we got

No more standing in the corner
Watching sisters fall on their knees
Crying in front bathroom mirrors
Whispering promises you can’t keep.
No. Tonight we are standing
With her.

And your better know that this time
When we scream,
The world will echo back.
Walking through the school halls you wonder
Who is the next shooter?
The next victim?
The next family who lost?
The next person's life to abruptly ended in this dream we call America
Kemkelly Mar 2018
The memory of his touch
Makes my skin crawl
He grabbed me from behind
Pinned me against the wall

He didn't care if I wanted it
He was doing it anyway
His hands all over my body
I was just his prey

Too many others have felt it
That touch they didn't want
But don't just sit in silence
And let the memories haunt

Its time to say enough
We won't stand for this no more
Get rid of the stigma
Kick the abusers out the door!!

It use to be easy to love you,
I really wanted to hate you,
I use to be lost without you,
But I don’t know what I should feel for you.

You left me,
You came back.
It was the beginning of a pattern,
I accepted without question.

Then California came into your mind,
And I’d knew you’d leave one last time.
There was no coming back,
There was no goodbyes,
I laid in the corner of my bed and cried.

But you were gone,
You didn’t care.
The emptiness you left in me,
Grew into something more.

You cracked the foundation,
The foundation of me.
You stole my heart,
Out of my chest, and watched me bleed.

You said you loved me,
Claimed to care.
But when I really needed you,
You were never really there.

I was nothing to you.
Just a person for you to use.
You’re the devil in disguise,
You build your future on lies.

Your lies gave you a power.
And I fell for you in my weakest hour.
You built me up,
Just to toss me aside.

You assumed I was fragile,
And I will admit I was.
My remains were shattered,
Broken on the ground.

But I picked myself back up,
When you left town.
No I will never get the,
Pieces of me I gave to you freely.

I don’t want them back.
Keep them, trash them,
Put them on a shelf and stare,
I’m like the tin man,
With no heart,
So I don’t really f*ing care.

I rebuilt myself stronger,
Replaced my old brain,
Stole courage from a lion,
I roar now without pain.

It’s like clicking my heels,
And saying there’s no place like home,
I’ll leave my memories of you in a basket,
On the dirt road where we once started from.

This isn’t Kansas,
This isn’t Oz,
This is the rebellion of my long lost heart.
Alexis D Cruz Feb 2018
Baby, don’t cry.
You’ll be alright.
I know right now, you’re terrified.
I know that you’ve found the best place to hide.

You live in a place where guns equal power,
And where laws don’t protect you so you’re forced to cower.

Gunshots fire and you can’t tell if they’re near.
The only thing you’re sure of is irrefutable fear.

You hold your breath frozen in place.
All you want is to feel safe.
Tears trickle down your innocent face.

You question whether or not you’ll make it out alive.
Well, Baby, don’t cry.
No matter what happens, we’ll continue to fight for your life.
Something HAS to be done. More voices, our words need to be heard, seen... We can be the ones to help contribute the means to keep this from happening.
Kiara Malig Nov 2017
And I forced myself to stay with you
I told myself that this heart beating,
This butterfly in my mouth,
Is of love .
I didn't tell myself that it was of the panic you ensued,
I didn’t tell myself that it was of the weeds you planted in me,
I didn’t tell myself that it was of the poison ivy that replaced my walls.
I don’t know when I’ll be able to convince myself that I’ve had enough

I cry silently-
Afraid that if you hear my cries, you’ll do something unimaginable.
Falling in love with my own mental illness is hard
harlon rivers Oct 2017
when you start
feeling as if
just being you
    is not enough ,..

when you see
the sunlight slipping away
sliding into the ocean
and the outbound tide
    is pulling strong ,..

   gravity throbs downward ―
you see it's weight groan
pacing in lonely eyes,

you feel it's burden
bear down on
a wayfaring stranger
   wandering away alone ,..
wondering what went wrong

stalled by a riverside
frozen in time ;
walking on slippery rocks
and fallen stars,
searching for peace
along the meandering shoreline

the waterfall surrenders
a river's silent lament ;
the storm gales' surge stirs
the urge for moving on

a heart broken knows
how fickle tides change
which way the wind blows ,..

which way the rain
     comes falling down ―

watershed moments
serpentine rivers,

unbridled terrain waters
veritably cascading  beyond
blurred latitudes,
uninhibitedly drifting
     in shapeless symmetry ―

a deep ocean rises
with the calling tide's

  the shorebirds linger ;
hole up with the peace
of the unsullied sands
at the sea stained
      tide-mark ―

barnacles cling
to the pulse
of the tidal sway
where starfish hold on to
   slippery rocks ,..

being enough
to while away
just a little bit longer ―

to simply let it all be
and wholly wash out
in the water
waiting for the tide change,

to swallow whole
the rivers stagnant flow,
    the stars in swirling silence ―

in the unrestrained
    rhythm and the sea ...
mazy rivers ...October 25, 2017
thank you for reading

just be you
no matter wherever you feel
the earth move under your feet;
no matter which way
the wind blows ―

"Slip Slidin' Away": song title by Writer(s): Paul Simon 1977
drumhound Mar 2017
You chase me with a word
like a bratty brother
chases a little sister
with a cricket
holding the legs of intimidation
near my ear
as you have done
many times before -
sometimes with a cricket of inferiority
or a cricket of slavery
but always a cricket of judgement.
You portend to have the power
to put it on me
until the tear in my eye
becomes enough....  

My teeth gnash
wrapping around the finger that dangled
the last cricket of taunting,     
a pest of manipulation,
held with your insect-filled arrogance    
and I chew defiantly
masticating your ability
to ever chase me again.
Choose it now
swallow or spit
it's irrelevant -
your threats are dead.
Sometimes the best thing we can do is snap.
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