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Delyla Nunez Nov 2020
Happy Thanksgiving.
The day of giving thanks for all we have.
And I give thanks that I’m strong enough to do what I need too.

You won’t bring me down with your atrocious comments.
I won’t allow you to ruin me more than I already have.
I waved the white flag.
I surrendered.
It’s not enough.
I have to be punished for the choice I made for myself.
Tell me how can you play the game if only one is playing?

No more.
I’m taking a stand and I stand for myself.
We are going our ways and I’m fine with that.
I accept my choice, but there’s no need for me to hurt anymore.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
By the same author
Who wrote
"You are the Universe"
Being inert
A ground-breaking
"Y̶o̶u̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶U̶n̶i̶v̶e̶r̶s̶e̶"
"You were the Universe"
My entire thought
Revolved around

And that pain
Was the best seller
Of that time
A revised edition
Genre: Observational
Theme: How Far, How Close. Taken For Granted
Even if
You are close
Just next to me
For noble tomorrow
You are
Light years afar

Don't take writer as taken for granted. Either way they can craft you into art.
Skylar Aug 2020
Hearts would never be broken,
If they were all outspoken,
Their love seemed golden,
Yet it was not frozen,
I champion this legion,
For not believing in this fake season.
Matthew Jun 2020
The Oldest Lie

The oldest lie we tell our children is that we are all equal.
We pretend. We lie. We digress from the truth to shield them from all evils.
But the truth is we dream of such a world where race, creed and colour do not define us.

We protect them from the facts of life and speak of the past, forgetting the present.
We praise MLK, Malcolm and Mandela as civil right heroes,
neglecting the bitter truth that they took the first steps on our long walk to freedom.

Enough is enough. Our children deserve better.
They need to know our struggle.
Only then can we dream of better things.
Janine Jacobs Sep 2019
We screamed to be heard, marched to express our rage. To bleed with our fallen sisters, for I am her, and she is me. We all lived each other’s suffering.

The dust has settled now, quiet returned.
Yet I still can’t breath. I am still not safe.

I cry silently for my country. I no longer connect to her. My love and pride is only filled with disappointment. She has left me sad, and empty and afraid.

My son asked me, “Why do you refer to South Africa as a she?” I look at him dumbstruck, he continues, “Perhaps SHE has always been a HE!”

This realization is hard to swallow.
This... scares me half to death.
Maia May 2019
You think it doesn’t matter
Maybe I should just shut up and mind my own business
Leave your eyes to stare daggers
And your slippery tongue to burn castles

I’m not apologizing
For fighting back  
As you cut apart and dissect
Life into *** and breast,
Measuring beauty on a scale you’ve created out of blood
And buying worth out of bone you pulled from our spines.

How much do we have to give
For our voices to be heard,
Cause you best believe
We’ll give it all we got

No more standing in the corner
Watching sisters fall on their knees
Crying in front bathroom mirrors
Whispering promises you can’t keep.
No. Tonight we are standing
With her.

And your better know that this time
When we scream,
The world will echo back.
Walking through the school halls you wonder
Who is the next shooter?
The next victim?
The next family who lost?
The next person's life to abruptly ended in this dream we call America
It use to be easy to love you,
I really wanted to hate you,
I use to be lost without you,
But I don’t know what I should feel for you.

You left me,
You came back.
It was the beginning of a pattern,
I accepted without question.

Then California came into your mind,
And I’d knew you’d leave one last time.
There was no coming back,
There was no goodbyes,
I laid in the corner of my bed and cried.

But you were gone,
You didn’t care.
The emptiness you left in me,
Grew into something more.

You cracked the foundation,
The foundation of me.
You stole my heart,
Out of my chest, and watched me bleed.

You said you loved me,
Claimed to care.
But when I really needed you,
You were never really there.

I was nothing to you.
Just a person for you to use.
You’re the devil in disguise,
You build your future on lies.

Your lies gave you a power.
And I fell for you in my weakest hour.
You built me up,
Just to toss me aside.

You assumed I was fragile,
And I will admit I was.
My remains were shattered,
Broken on the ground.

But I picked myself back up,
When you left town.
No I will never get the,
Pieces of me I gave to you freely.

I don’t want them back.
Keep them, trash them,
Put them on a shelf and stare,
I’m like the tin man,
With no heart,
So I don’t really f*ing care.

I rebuilt myself stronger,
Replaced my old brain,
Stole courage from a lion,
I roar now without pain.

It’s like clicking my heels,
And saying there’s no place like home,
I’ll leave my memories of you in a basket,
On the dirt road where we once started from.

This isn’t Kansas,
This isn’t Oz,
This is the rebellion of my long lost heart.
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