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Yvonne Nice Apr 15
Finally leaving that most horrid pit
On the cold, wet sidewalks
I finally don't feel that ungodly pressure
That pressure to fit in
To love
To want
To feel
I don't feel unwelcome anymore
Instead I feel...
Like the cold streets of Portland want me to discover them
I feel Free
The calming chilly air around me has a hint of peace within
I love this feeling
The frozen rain droplets on my skin
I feel real
I feel alive
The urge to cry has finally subsided, and I can truly say that I am not alone anymore
In an oxymoron-ish way, I was welcomed by the loneliness and given a place to call freedom.
candykendys Nov 2018
The eyes can't lie,
hearts can't pretend,
overflowing joy and love,
in You, that I found.

Never I had imagined,
sins were forgiven,
***** yet accepted,
in You, I was saved.

I am broken,
You completed me,
Longing to be with You,
And now, you embraced me.
Mikaela Angela Nov 2018
Intrusive thoughts
Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts
All these negative thoughts
Entering my mind, not leaving a place for light
To enter this soul of mine

I have been shrouded in darkness
But you have found me
you embraced me with your love
and with you I saw the light

But that light - I still fear
yet you gave me the hope and will
a hope to live,
a hope and a will to forgive
Shae Nicole Apr 2017
I place my trust in you
- don't break it.
I give my heart to you
- don't take it.
I wish to look upon your face
- you make it so
hard for me.
Hiding in the shadows,
Showing me mere glimpses.
Letting me love you
Only from a distance.
Wrapped in your embrace
Just for a minute.
Pushed aside,
Alone through the thick of it.
Still you have my trust
- I won't let you break it.
And my heart?
-Oh, yes, you've taken it.
Oh wilderness' soul ― I Beseech thee !
I feel your deepest awakening secrets stir
Whispers uttered in immortal Winds
Calling to the Fountains of my soul
Standing the hairs of comfortably numb
Spilled breath bestrewn upon frayed Mortality

Oh wilderness' soul ― I Bequeath thee !
The ashes the deepest Oceans my heart
As circadian Tides have ebb and flowed
Forsaken feigned love’s misbegotten guise
Now chastened sightless before an unseen labyrinth
Beset by a human blindness that decays all light

Oh wilderness' soul ― I Entreat thee !
Cleanse this molted flesh ― time shed ―
Artifacts of perfectly imperfect traces
Reminders of things we strive to forget
For in the self-loathed aching Silence
I feel the urgent pull of Wilderness' Soul

          Reaching out ― Benignly
       to Entomb my Heart and Soul

     Someone you used to know   April 1st, 2017
another try as spring renews
... thank you for reading ―
David P Carroll Nov 2016
As summer ends
We become closer
Our hearts embraced
As one true love
I love you more
Than you love me
Our love runs so deep
We are a part of each other
standing on a hill
Together we
Are in love together
Our hearts have
True Love.
David P Carroll
Hearts's Embraced
JulikaSky Jul 2016
I've been so quiet
The days I've been alone and dealing with my peace
Didn't thought the moment that we where present, it would be a day of remembrance
A day that would have changed and unlocked
Some secrecy that I only thought, maybe it could've been possible, or maybe not.

But when you've touched me,
You didn't only touched me,
You had reached my soul
And all the feelings that I had, I couldn't even controle
I couldn't even measure,
I felt out of place but at the same time I felt my own space
The space I felt that was close inside of me. That why I often say to you: "You feel so close to me."

Our space that we had created
By the way we felt, I saw more then I expected
You had gasped my soul
I never thought someone could hold me, in a way that I felt embraced
In peaceful surrounding that you helped create.

*To you my dear, for I am glad,
I can receive and give again.
~                                                          ~
Poe­ms. Leave a special subtle fleur
lingering  around. In colours they
live. In auras of poets. They're
born. They turn. They dye.
The world. And die.
~                     ~                         ~
In the middle Earth we'd love
and cherish our liberated
slick yearnin's. Limbs.
Craving caresses.
~     ~                ~             ~              
I'd kiss you like a crazy
flutterby. Levitating
upon your body.
In pleasure.
You. . .Me
~~~                                             ~  
Endless words stream from
your radiant thoughts.
Laser swords are no
match to describe.
How you Scribe.
Vital. Sensual.    
~           ~            ~              ~
My eyes sip you. Wordless.
You purr. In my palms.
Lustful breaths.Dim
Light. Pressed. Lit
Flames. Are we.

  ~     ~
Imagined by
Space Poetess
A raven once slipped out of its cage
Into the world it never knew existed
Left behind its ménage
Hoping to create a vision unimpeded

For what is life
Surrounded solely by light
In which hawks and owls are rife
So do perpetual fights

A raven found a home
Where the dead of night is not unknown
Deep down in the Underworld
The darkness embraced it
© S.H
I want to be tied
     like a knot or a bow tie,
             entwined and embraced-
in the midst of a strange chaos
          where I shall find myself again.
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