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Mark Toney Jan 2020
swift bird of prey soars
moment of truth elusive—
true nature concealed

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
1/18/2020 - Poetry form: Haiku - © 2020 Mark Toney | All rights reserved
MSunspoken Dec 2019
relishing in the happiness of my peers
And drowning in their sorrows-
Sympathy always has been risky
But I know nothing else to follow
Take another’s kindness-
And put it on display
So it can grow bigger with time
And set someone’s path on replay

Make a  friend, share another
No matter the cost-
Don’t let anyone feel at a loss

Show your feelings-
As you will take in others
And connect with those around you
Without remorse

Look at everyone-
Always as if for the first time
Using an eye of wisdom
To tell of their time
I look beyond to see one's true self with clarity-
And never look down on those who glare at me
Because all I seek in a world of pure hatred-
Is at least one shred of pure amity
This is for someone who I feel is unappreciated. She is so kind to others, and I never see her expecting much of anyone in return. I can only hope she doesn't become plagued by the people around her over time.
Chandra S Nov 2019
"Dim light please",
I softly wheeze,
as you seductively tease
the nape of my neck
and I sensuously shudder
in my fleshly hearth.

I break away
as my heart sways
in a hitherto unknown desire....
a desire;
that took its time coming
and which is now ablaze
in your eyes so scintillating
that it makes me skip
an already fluttery heart-beat.

You proceed gently
and speak softly
about my mischievous smile,
my expressive eyes,
the curve of my lip,
...... my shapely hip.......

You stroke my hair
with ardent flair
and I listen blithely
to your unfeigned oratory
about a man's intensity,
...his unbridled frenzy.

I hearken reverently
to your admission of piety
and pledge you my fidelity
as long as there is light
in my impractical, dreamy eyes.

As we submit
to the fiery delight
I finally see
beyond the crevice of duality;
into my integrated embodiment
of anatomy and sentiment;
...that I am
and always was
a unique, solitary singularity.
Anna Jun 2019
As a child-
When the waves knock you down it's a game.
You are so innocent to the true nature of the sea.
You are innocent to its depth.

As an adult-
When a wave knocks you down, you run.
Because you can see the true terror of what lies beneath its beautiful, blue surface.
Jesse stillwater Jun 2018
a breath of fresh air
tickles still-waters
a lone swan's quill
let fall, takes flight
  carpe  diem ―
nigh weightless,
buoyantly skitters
across the water,
laissez faire;
barely dimpling
the shallow peace
on a lake in the wood

a wild feather's
mindless pirouettes
emanate from
the steeping silence
lapping  its
superficial  refection  

the true nature
of wildness,
unspoken freedom,
an untamed
wilder – ness
skims the skinny waters
seeking their own level;
leaving no trace
of  ever being  containable
like a breath of fresh air
unconquerable souls
touching in the
conscious moment ―
a gentle passing breeze
arousing a rogue gust

Jesse Stillwater

01    June   2018
Thank you for stopping to read my soul scribbles :)
Oh wilderness' soul ― I Beseech thee !
I feel your deepest awakening secrets stir
Whispers uttered in immortal Winds
Calling to the Fountains of my soul
Standing the hairs of comfortably numb
Spilled breath bestrewn upon frayed Mortality

Oh wilderness' soul ― I Bequeath thee !
The ashes the deepest Oceans my heart
As circadian Tides have ebb and flowed
Forsaken feigned love’s misbegotten guise
Now chastened sightless before an unseen labyrinth
Beset by a human blindness that decays all light

Oh wilderness' soul ― I Entreat thee !
Cleanse this molted flesh ― time shed ―
Artifacts of perfectly imperfect traces
Reminders of things we strive to forget
For in the self-loathed aching Silence
I feel the urgent pull of Wilderness' Soul

          Reaching out ― Benignly
       to Entomb my Heart and Soul

     Someone you used to know   April 1st, 2017
another try as spring renews
... thank you for reading ―

— The End —