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Julika-Skai Mar 2022
After day comes night
After night comes day
When the sun rises in the sky
And the sky is heavenly blue
I wonder if the blue that's growing inside of me
If it's you?
You may be so small and precious
Adored and loved so dearly
Not knowing but expecting
A God-worthy wonder
I carry you
The wonder that you are
My baby blue.
Julika-Skai Jul 2021
This is so strange
And yet so amazing
How you lift me up
Without even holding me
Look into your eyes
And I see mine
Look into your soul
And I feel your halo
Nothing even seems
The right thing for me
Other then you
What am I suppose to do
To make you understand
To make you realise
I ain’t going nowhere
I am with you
So let's stay among us
Let us be who we want to be
Let's keep it between us
And then you’ll see
That the best things
Life has to offer
Are for free
I just want you close
Even more closer to my existence
We have so much in common
Incredible connection but so true
Love is all I want to give
And receive from you
Perfect doesn’t come even close
To what you are
But the more I give
The more I want
You make my heart smile
Into a white bright light
Nothing compares to you
You’re my knight
In shining armour
You saved my life
You saved my life
From the things I thought
I couldn’t do right
From the way I feel
Couldn’t be in my life
But you do exist
A dream coming true?
Let’s find out
Because all I want
Is to give my all to you.
Just an old poem that I have written a long time ago, hope you enjoy reading!
Julika-Skai Jul 2021
I see you
You can see trough me
I can see inside of you
And so we see what is underneath
Inside of you inside of me

We share the same energy
Yet we are not the same of elements
Hearts collide
But from a small distance
Almost as we are ready to move on
In love and commitment

I didn't thought that
Air and earth
Could be so exciting
In our existence
Julika-Skai Jul 2021
At first I couldn't understand what my body was expressing
But what I did know was that I knew this would happen
Sitting next to you with my mind enchanted
By the way you express yourself in your own comfort

The way you talk
The way your lips move
The way you sound
Your voice
Makes my mind
Shift into

Fussing about why, what or when wasn't even an unconscious thought
I felt silence
It made me feel vulnerable, connected, embraced and affected
I've been caught into emotions about my afterthought

Plans of being by myself drifted away
Healing like saltwater
No sore gut feelings, or wondering what if or what's next
Your voice
Your vibration
Your tone I must say
Had an impact on me
I let everything come trough
When I am with You
Something I wanted to share with you! Hope you enjoy reading this poetry.
Julika-Skai Jul 2016
We explore our minds
We do not talk into terms
Why we close ourselves down
While we can listen and learn?

We overthink when we issue
We say words we do not mean
Why we hurt ourselves
When we can compromise our believes?

It is not wrong to show some sympathy
Why are we afraid to lose?
Instead of standing up for ourselves
We choose to be bruised

Why we live in fear?
Letting go of the unknown
Will we ever collide as humans
Sharing compassion and healing our souls?
We all need more love and compassion! Instead of dealing with fear!
Julika-Skai Jul 2016
Every night
Every day
I belong
I awake

Every night
Every day
Showing you passion
In every way

I awake
Devoted to you
My soul-mate

                           *Awaking you

                   *Filling you with fantasies

                   Kissing you like summer
                   Underneath a palm tree

              Holding you
                         While looking at the stars
                   Make you wonder
I am what you are

How we all should feel. Beautiful.
  Jul 2016 Julika-Skai
I want to be Hemingway at the bar
and Shakespeare in the bedroom.
I want to be Dante in the classroom
but Hunter S. Thompson on the weekends.
I want to be Tolkien in the library
and Fitzgerald in the night clubs.
I want to be Poe in the gutters
but Kafka in the alley ways.
I want to be Carroll in the closet  
and Twain on the street corner.

I want you to see... us.


In the background watching with a pen,
and thoughts born of words
aching to breathe.
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