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Mikaela Angela Nov 2018
Will you believe me if I tell you
that my fictional love came to life?

The fictional personality
that I've long been dreaming of
he came to life
what I mean is
he just passed by

I’m trapped between
my dreamland and reality
If I could then I would
stay in my dreamland
for in my dreams, he is reachable
In my dreams, I can have him
and in my dreams
he wouldn’t be with someone else

But in this bitter reality, I could not
I could only stand and stare at a distance

My fictional love came to life
but I'm only a mere helping character
for my beloved protagonist
Mikaela Angela Nov 2018
Intrusive thoughts
Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts
All these negative thoughts
Entering my mind, not leaving a place for light
To enter this soul of mine

I have been shrouded in darkness
But you have found me
you embraced me with your love
and with you I saw the light

But that light - I still fear
yet you gave me the hope and will
a hope to live,
a hope and a will to forgive

— The End —