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Suraj Mujen Jul 10
They helped eachother
to carry on
the silence
between them.
They used to be
intimate souls.
Suraj Mujen Jun 13
Between those two pages
of an abandoned book,
over my messed up table.
a moment is kept,
pious and complete.

A memoir of
younghood and innocence,
and emotions of being worthy,
with you.
It is safe within those pages.

A long journey
Since then, but
all passed, in a moment.
while we stayed awake.

May be some day,
it would be opened
to see and cherish.
what we had,
and what could be hold.
Suraj Mujen Feb 27
अब भी में खुली हवा में साँस लेता हूँ,
और सोख़ लेता हूँ सूरज की गर्म धुप को,
पतंग को मांझे से बांध निकल जाता हूँ.

कुछ अलग नहीं लगता अब,
आस पास
अब तुम्हारा ना होना, तुम्हारा चले जाना.

सोचा था, बहुत मुश्किल होगा,
कैसे तुम्हारे बिना खुद को सुनूंगा
और कैसे खुद को पाउँगा,
तुम्हारे बिना.

पर, अब अंधेरो में मशालें
रात भर जलतीं हैं.
पैमाने अब भी बनते है.

सोचा था, तुम्हारा जाना,
एक वक़्त का अंत होगा,
किसी शुरुआत के बिना,
और मानो किसी के मरजाने जैसा.  

पर, अब भी तो सुबह होती है,
में जागता हूँ, रात होती है तो,
चाँद निकलता है.
राहें तो राहगीरों से भरा है.
मंज़िलों के मुसाफिर,
अब भी थके नहीं है.

तुम्हारा ना होना
अब एक सुख सा है.
हरेक गुजरता पल अब
प्रेरणा है.
Suraj Mujen Jan 31
In a day,  with bright Sun,  
Shines in the painted blue sky,
I rush to the room,
pick my backpack and thermos.
I  pulled some books with, a pair of shoe,
and a pack of cigarettes and some sweets too.

I leave,

And an escape has planned,
Anonymous and directionless.
I ran, I escaped.
Not a vacation, I can’t.

Maybe in some wilderness,
Or in seclusion, I lay. I Think.
far from each, in the east.
Where I count the leaves of trees
touch the breeze of the north,
and inhale the bright Sun,
Shall make me alive!
These are the thoughts grow in my mind, at my young age, now too ;) to plan an escape from the daily monotonous life. I feel just to leave the concrete set up and head to the wilderness.

Lay in the grass makes me establish a connection with nature, feel more closure to the roots with minimum needs.
Suraj Mujen Jan 30
रात को  जाने दो
धीरे से  इसे बीत  जाने दो
अँधेरे में हर बात को खो जाने दो।  

बह जाने दो हर अहसासों  को
लम्हे दर लम्हों  के तह
लग जाने दो।  
जो कुछ जाहिर  है, दबा लेने दो
इस रात को जाने दो।

कुछ इस कोने , कुछ उस कोने
वक़्त को गुजर जाने दो,
जेब से निकल उस ख़त  को पढ़ लेने दो।  
अगर बाढ़ को आँखों में समाय हो,
आज बांध को टूट जाने दो।

रात को जाने दो।
Suraj Mujen Jan 30
I twisted my fingers
On my black and tangled hair
And there was moisture
Which are remains
of last rain.

I sat aside lost in dream
I set myself
In a front seat of
Car, that's just moving
Ahead with its usual speed
Crossed thousands of people with

I am dry, although it's raining
Blurring the windshield
Making it hard to drive
Killing each sense
and paralyzing me.
The sky is falling

But I am dry
My eyes too
Body, clothes, and books
All. I am leaving behind
Each thing went wet.
I am dry

Gently, I removed
My hands from
My black and tangled hair
It still has moisture.
Remains of last rain.
Suraj Mujen Jan 26
With the sleeping silence of moth
He walks, in this dead morning,
like a winner of the yesterday.
steps up from the sinking hills
drags his heavy shoulder,
carries the soul of today.

The gloomy sunlight of dawn,
shines for him. He witnessed a flood of
the last moon,
In dark night.
With the dogs' howl, face is staring to up.
He doesn't look back,
far back, the villages of ghosts,
He crossed.

The festival of blood ends.
with the red moon.
The flower of wind of east
bruises wounds of his now.
He, immersed from the sweats in many moons.

He sang the songs of tomorrow,
red and silky. He harvests the flower
of sand.
In his hand, kept a treasure,
the dust of last wood.

The cold face is rising now,
with the disappearance of the last firefly.
Like the winner of yesterday,
He swipes sweats, seeks for Eli.
The compassion and vengeance
holds in the grail.

In the dream, He kissed the illusion.
swam in the sea of Milkyway.
He solemnly pierced the flower of the hurricane,
in his blue heart.
And claimed the meaning of nothing.

In the foreign land, He emptied the bag
of the voyage.
The footstep in the snowy path, cracking
the silence of manhood.
Then, he loved the selfishness of
his lover,
He is brave to not to return.

— The End —