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Bhill Nov 2019
The rain finally arrived
We had been days without water
They said it would come
They kept saying it would come

Things were drying out quickly
Dirt had already turned to very fine dust
Dust was getting into everything

Now the rain is here....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 290
It finally arrived and ended the dry sky.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Thoughts eating away at my brain,
mouth drying away,
lips sealing my shrieking soul away,
tongue stuttering away,
heart palpating away,
lungs having no air,
muscles fidgeting away,
fear crippling my soul away,
nails chipping away,
stress rushing to my brain,
vision blurring away,
tears streaming down my face,
body trembling away
as anxious nerves take me away.
Jaxey Dec 2018
The only thing worse
Than the broken feeling
That you will never be able to stop crying

Is the undeniable pain
Trapped inside you
When you can't even seem to start
Why can't I cry?
stopdoopy Oct 2018
I'm running out
and drying up
you've left me no more tears to cry

gone is our time
my soul a stone
stuck beneath waves
of emotional toll

so please
get out
let me dream of something more

I can't do this forever
and sooner or later
it's you or me
who will be dust
I think this was made before "Laundry", and it's based on the same premise on me being sick of dreaming of my ex and how in the dream I go somewhere, run into her, eventually one of us talks,  and we end up being friends again.

However, since I've actually posted "Laundry" I think I only dreamt about her twice since? And that only happened early on after the poem, which is great.

Growth happens, it just takes time.
Seanathon Apr 2017
Expect not yourself
To see the world
For the way it truly is
At least at first

Because the world is full of so many things
And people who are ever changing

And the truth behind it all is this

*That one day all of these and we
Will be returned to the earth
Returned to the dirt
Or ashes depending upon the preference
Shadows and dust Maximus....
I just have this wave washed over me and it isn't drying away.

— The End —